18 Jul

Booked a new TATA VSNL connection some 7 days back.

Day 1-Marketing guy tries to sell for 6 months but I go in for the 3 month package. It wasn’t a good decision…….I am still wondering why did I ever take it???

Engineer 1 – Calls up – comes in and feeds the configuration. Checks his own yahoo mails till the client is away from sight. Tells the client to login through a web dialler on the desktop which works…great job

Day 3- No connection, ping requests to default gateway fails and I keep calling and holding the line endlessly till someone answers and says you will might get a feedback – not assured as it happens to be sunday——-AS IF SUNDAY SURFING IS OFFERED FREE OF COST
A second call made be me but the answer remains the same—-READ FROM THE SCRIPT

Day 4 -1 pm- Engineer 2 calls up-takes the address – says he’ll b there in 5 mins.
5 pm- I am still waiting for the 5 mins to happen. I call up the customer service-after holding the line for 15 mins the executive apologises—–apology scripted to perfection to the t. Assures that the engineer will call up and come asap.
7:30 pm-I go to neighbours and come back at 8pm—-a note at the door “Name-XXXXX Mobile NO… @#$%^& TATA VSNL” Lucky guy that I am not posting the Name and number. I call him up and he has his answers ready:
Me:You called at 1 saying u will be there in 5 min
Engg:That must be someone else ma’m. I came to your place but it was locked
Me:What time?
Engg:at 7
Me:But I was there till 7:30….
Engg:(Interrupts)7:30 maybe——(he was waiting for me to leave the house.)
After much pleading he says he’s on a different call and will be there if he finishes early else he will be there earliest by 11am next day since he stays very far off in Kalyan.

Day 5-11:30 am. I call up the engineer…no response. I call up the customer service….The status is read out—-‘Engineer visited but customer unavailable’.(I can spew venom if needed but thanx to Pt. Ravishankar’s sudarshan kriya)I keep my cool and explain the situation. They assure that it will be rectified today positively.

2:00pm-2 guys come empty handed without any toolbox/bag etc.. “We are the friends of the engineer. We were in this area so he sent us on his behalf.” I needed the work to be finished so I let them in. They check the state of affairs and say it seems to that the crimping plug is broken. They leave to check the connection at the terrace and return after a good 1/2 hour with a crimping tool. They could not check the connection at the terrace as they needed some keys from the LCO(Local cable operator).They try out something at my end (I thought they were trying to re-crimp) —–and it works. They leave. I am a happy surfer…connected to the world once again.

Day 6-I try to open the dialer and the page request is denied. I check behind my CPU and LO AND BEHOLD!!!!!! They have smartly fixed the broken crimped plug in such a manner that it worked temporarily. While switching on again the connection moved and it popped out.


I am not a moron to call the customer service to practice the SUDARSHAN KRIYA once again. I am a bigger fool to go through the painful process of holding the connecter plug to prove to everyone the amount of mental and physical pain bestowed upon a mere mortal by a telecom giant.

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