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Take 2 on Hyderabad blasts

Numerology No.,Moon sign,Sun sign,Birth place, Religion, Pre/PostMarriage, Subsect, Gothra, Residence,School,College,Company,Interests and hobbies,children,husband,One must be wondering if this is a matrimony ad. Could be used for one though. That’s what earns the bread and butter for the owners of social networking sites like ORKUT, Facebook, mySpace, ryze, zerodegrees etc. But have we ever wondered how we are classified. No its not the genus and species I am talking of. It all dates back to the day we are born. We are dissected and divided each minute your life. The moment we are born we are attached with a timestamp, latitude and longitude. By default we carry the same religion and address as our parents. The gynecologist too can be one of the categories we can consider as a classifier. Then there are the educational institutions we attend, the hobbies we have, the job we take up or even for that matter we don’t take up, the political view we have, our ethnicity, sexual orientation, movies, tv shows, music, books, cuisines, sports, the religious groups we belong to, the terrorist organization we work for(a horrible one). But is this why we are born. We evolve all our lives but do we really, truly and honestly want to be a part of that one class we all were supposed to belong—-HUMANE. Gods most beautiful creation was bequeathed upon us but have we done any justice to it. Either we are a part of the class that rips apart people by their mastermind blast plans, or we are the mute spectators who are either mourning for the loss, or playing the blame game. Shahrukh Khan talks about “KARO” in one of the Lead India ads. “Karo” should be the motto for all. Its time for all of us to “do” and not just sit and watch the Visuals in the news channel and go “tch…tch..” on looking at the bodies dumped around after the blasts or their parents crying on their loss. Come together and make forums to discuss on the counter terrorism measures. Just by remembering the previous dates of attacks every time a fresh terror strikes will not solve the purpose. If the police feels they are doing a good job in nabbing x number of people post attacks then they are highly mistaken. A federal agency is a good suggestion but the govt. red tapism should not delay the process. There are lives out there ready to be blown into pieces, in the thin air, any moment. I am not claustrophobic but classtrophobic……terribly scared of being out in the open and being constantly chased by the class of fanatics who are blinded and deafened by their irrationally rational thinking of scaring people, to rule over them. Unfortunately the ones who are rampantly following the “Karo” motion are the ones who always succeed in taking so many lives.

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Hum Hindustani

Hum sab hindustani hai
Hum Bharat ma se pyaar karte hai

When my eldest one was 3 and 1/2 yrs old


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Butterfly Butterly fly fly
Up up up in the sky

Composed when my eldest one was just a 1 and 1/2 yr.

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Hyderabad Blasts

Terror strikes again. This time it’s in Hyderabad. Whom are we blaming it on….Of course the first to be targetted are the External Forces eg. terrorist organizations based in Bangladesh and Pakistan (Harkat ul-Jihad-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Toiba or the Jaish-e-Mohammed ) as well as Maoist guerrillas. The govt. too is being blamed as they failed to prevent the blasts despite intelligence inputs warning of more attacks following the May 18 Mecca Masjid blast.

Isnt it so easy that we blame it on others everytime. It is high time for counter terrorism poilicies to come in action. There should be a widespread awareness program created just like the ‘polio elimination program’. Finally this too is as crippling as Polio to our society.

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