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RHONDA, ME and the Billionaires

My daughters are pretty tech savvy and have been using the comp to create some piece of art (thats what their scribblings are for me)….which they wanted to print. With no printer in the house I told them they should work harder and create a better piece of art if they want it printed.
Had been to a mall with kids that evening when I saw some ladies all decked up for a “Miss Mall” (Keep your pervert minds switched off)contest. Formalities were…………none. Any and everybody was allowed to participate. And the prizes displayed had an HP Printer. Suddenly it was Rhonda Byrne (of ‘The Secret’ fame) all around me telling me….go get it its all yours…u wanted it….its there….u get everything that u want. I rushed home….took out the best of my sarees….draped it in 5 minutes…..and rushed back. The 1st round of the contest had begun.But I was given and entry to it. So I wasnt too late for the printer….I mean the contest. Just as any miss universe paegent we were asked to strut around on the ramp….and of course answer questions. It was a piece of cake for me. I cleared the round and became the finalist. The grand finale again had a Q&A round which I thought I answered fairly well. The results declared me the 1st runner up and I got some 3 day and 2 night stay passes in one of Mahindra’s Resort. I was so upset. Then they declared the name of the winner…and she got the same stay passes for 5 days and 4 nights. I thought to myself….’the winner doesnt get the printer’…..nobody gets the printer.Then what was it doing there on the podium. And whatever happened to Rhonda Byrne. Later I came to know that HP was sponsoring the event to promote the launch of the printer. Everyone at home was very happy though.

My hubby was winding up his business operations and had got some office stuffs home the next day. And there I saw Rhonda Byrne….I mean the “PRINTER”. It was old, it made a lot of noise, the cartridge was empty but there it was….(and still it is here sitting next to my laptop).It felt like I was Shahrukh Khan singing for Kajol (my printer)…..”Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam” from DDLJ.

Isn’t it all so simple to understand what William Gates, the Ambanis and the Mittals and the likes do to be in the top billionaires list……just wish….wish to be a better company with better equipments(I am not talking of the printer here), with better resources(capital and human), with better health (their organisational structure), with better products and services, with newer innovations, with state of the art technology, with a global market….the list is endless for them. Healthy and Wealthy companies make the economy grow. So just a small wish lets everyone around grow.

And I stopped at the printer level! May be I too should dream bigger…aha now I know what I want……’a photocopier, that can do some spiral bindings too’. I guess that is big enough.


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Do you sing colours

A breath of fresh air makes me hum green
I rejoice with yellow when the raindrops touch my skin,
Its so dark and murky its the song of the dead when in despair
When I had my babies, oh I saw pink everywhere,
Courage and anger fills me with red
Purple and violet soothes me instead,
Browns keep me down so true
When in a turmoil I feel deep blue,

I do it all the time, do you sing them too?

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