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Pune Blasts

Someone said….good that only 9 people died. Nine or one…..each one is special to their family anyone. I condemn it. My heartfelt sympathies to the families of all of them.

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5 Ps of Social Media Marketing System

While working on the Social Media Marketing System. for my current organisation, I had devised the 5 pronged approach to address the whole gambit of Social Media Marketing.

PICK a name-Choosing the domain name is the first milestone in this process.
PRESENT to the prospective audience-In this process create your own Social Media Marketing System(SMMS) was created with blog, facebook, twitter,youtube videos, myspace, etc.
POPULATE the medium with information-Daily updation of blog, facebook and twitter a/c should be done.
PUSH-It is the time to reach out once the whole system is in place and functioning properly. There are 2 ways by which this can be executed.

PING all the SMMS entities to verify if the desired responses are coming. Once the PING is successful we POPULATE, PUSH and PING again thereby creating a regular information exchange which is the key mantra for the SMM. Though it looks very simple but execution will take days. So welcome to the arena of SMM.

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Corporate Social Responsibility for Educational Institutions

Is a mere social media presence for a educational institution sufficient enough to generate awareness and response for an institute? If yes then how? Reaching out to the customers is the key word. More than a push we are looking for a pull technology at work.

With the amount of competition in hand, what lies in the future is known only to the unknown. As someone said “either have a breakfast ….or be a breakfast”. I was reading this article yesterday that said the largest of camera manufacturers are not a Sony or a Canon for that matter as anyone might have guessed. It is Nokia. With cell phone invasion everyone wants to have a multitasking tool. What an Apple did to Sony, Sony did to Kodak. Sony would not have dreamt of the fact that the competitor lied wrapped under the tool called PC. Kodak the leader in cameras wouldn’t have dreamt of a digital technology taking over them as a leader. They had a choice…either to be digital or to lose the market. They lost it. The same competition saw Bill Gates, who once announced that ‘internet is a fad’, trying endlessly to integrate his browser with the office suite. IBM mainframes lost to desktop pcs. The list is endless.

Social Media as a tool can help any and everybody to benefit. How to leverage the Social Media for an educational institution to generate the desired response? The solution is to have a proper task force in place. If you have joined the bandwagon, trumpet it. Being a little crass is is not all that bad. Do not shy away. Regular updation of wall posts, course reviews from students and discussion forums can work wonders in marketing existing and new courses. Let the admission counsellor blog on recruitment cycle. Post faculty videos on youtube. Try tweeting the latest campus news. Use social media to its fullest to listen to comments and criticism and to change the perception in case of any negativity. Infact some feel that being away from it would save you from negativity. Perhaps this is the strongest tool to turn it around in your favour if adopted judicially.

Facebook as per wikipedia was formed by Mark Zuckerberg, together with his college roomies Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes to be a network for Harvard students later expanded to other universities. Some smart business decisions and gradual expansion has made it the largest social networking site celebrating its 6th birthday on feb 4th this year. Social Media in its invasive stage can be used by any and everybody to reach out, communicate, to grow and to evolve. So tweet, tweet tweet. The world is here. Where are you?

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3 Idiots…..I,me and myself

I know..I know… I have been saying I will blog on this soon, but I was not having enough evidence. But as it is said better late than never, I am going to deliberate on this topic.

I was off to this job interview when my hubby said “Just name of the company would be enough for your prev experience. There is no need to mention that it belonged to your husband. They might not take your credentials seriously otherwise”. I nodded thoughtfully and looked at the watch pointing to him how late this piece of information has made me. Still he gave me a warm hug and waved me good bye. (Where does he get that egoless head?…though hubbys have a different explanation for that.)

During the PI rounds I very well ignored all his advices and went ahead with describing how synergistic my association with my husband at work front was(there wasn’t any need to clarify that for the home front as I had already said we have 3 kids)and how it helped me create a balance between work and home all these years when kids were growing.

Lo and behold! Every discussion on my designation, to the salary to the work experience to the work expectation ended with ‘oh that was your husband’s company…… it is not that way’. The fact that the husband’s company was ‘Pvt Ltd.’ with a good no. of staff members, with sal packages having incentive components, was all just ‘sounds of distant drums’ to them. The offer they made had everything axed …the salary, the designation, the profile….I went ‘ouch,ouch, ouch’ and hubby dear went ‘see, see, see’.

I took up that job or not is not the question, how much of honesty is too much is. Sometimes we fail to see the point of view of the person across the table. The day I start reading their minds is the day when I would probably be a happier employee/employer. The maid I have just kept has just one issue that the high quality rice that we eat is not satiating her and she needs a low grade variety. Just as there’s no perfect boss, there’s no perfect employee. In fact its not just about the boss or the employee, the day when we are all able to deliver as per the other person’s need, more than them, we would be happy.

Did I buy the low grade rice for the maid? Well may be that will kick off a new post on this blog.

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