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5 Ps of Social Media Marketing System

While working on the Social Media Marketing System. for my current organisation, I had devised the 5 pronged approach to address the whole gambit of Social Media Marketing.

PICK a name-Choosing the domain name is the first milestone in this process.
PRESENT to the prospective audience-In this process create your own Social Media Marketing System(SMMS) was created with blog, facebook, twitter,youtube videos, myspace, etc.
POPULATE the medium with information-Daily updation of blog, facebook and twitter a/c should be done.
PUSH-It is the time to reach out once the whole system is in place and functioning properly. There are 2 ways by which this can be executed.

PING all the SMMS entities to verify if the desired responses are coming. Once the PING is successful we POPULATE, PUSH and PING again thereby creating a regular information exchange which is the key mantra for the SMM. Though it looks very simple but execution will take days. So welcome to the arena of SMM.

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