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TRAPPED-16 hr long ordeal with a Black Beauty

It all started in the morning of 23rd April, my company BCIDS was participating in an Educational Fair to promote the courses they were offering. Just about when I was gettiing ready she jumped out of nowhere in front of me, ravishing black as always ‘My black beauty’. We met after years and she knew it all. She would not reveal it till I stay put. We left home together. No one suspected anything. All through the fair I was surrounded by students for enquiries but she didn’t leave me for a second. No one noticed. She would just grasp me tight everytime I would want to wriggle. God! it was just the loo where I got a little relief. Everywhere else I was chased. I felt…..TRAPPED. I begged and prayed and I heaved and I panted and I hoped I reach home fast because I knew once I was home she could do nothing. Nothing at all.
And then I was home. And the first thing I did was throw her away from me and crash on the bed. Took a handfull of lotion and rubbed it on my waistline. She had left her mark. It was paining. And there she sat away from me, crumpled in the corner of my bedroom, reminding of the days we spent together. ‘How could you do this to me’- she kept on asking. ‘How I loved you and you kept ignoring me after you met your husband. We would be together for days and now, you never even once thought of me before stashing me away deep down.’
I looked down at my vastline….err waistline and thought how wrong I was to think that I would still fit into that black trouser-which I called ‘My black beauty’.(What else did you all think you morons!)
I wont say that was a wakeup call or something but I have promised to myself now that everytime it is 1 pm I will say Hakka Noodles Hai! Hai!. At 4 pm I will say Samosa! Samosa! Murdabad. Fruits ki Jai ho! Juice Juice Zindabad! May be that will help my reunion with my Beloved Black Beauty.


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