SMM Gyan

15 Dec
(Some of the Social Media Marketing tips I tweeted in the past)

1. Go where the customer is…reach out. Do not expect them to come to you.
2. Take criticism with a pinch of salt. Learn to convert the criticism to your favour.
3. Install effective online PR machinery to solve customer grievance.
4. SMM for large organization can’t generate leads. It’s good for PR activities.
5. Cross branding is the Mantra.
6. Keyword optimization of blogs generates traffic almost immediately.
7. You have it, flaunt it. Tell all – Ratings, Reviews, TRPS, Awards, Ceremonies, Tie-Ups, even Break-Ups. Neg. publicity too helps sometimes.
8. Usually common courtesy on twitter is to follow people who are following you…I don’t agree
9. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…adapt, adopt, internalize, follow, apply the lingo of the target audience to be able to touch the right cord
10. 3 main things about markets-Conversations and Conversations and Conversations.
11. Subscribe to directories (blogs-technorati/tweets-twello) to reach faster
12. Based on the industry type, allocated promotion/marketing budgets, competitor strategies, many a times even BTL marketing does wonders to direct the traffic to the company’s website if carefully planned.
13. Its all about creating a buzz and keeping it alive.
14. After the SMM strategy is in place for the organisation, use any web analytics tool to see the spurt in the activities, and optimize your processes based on TOC.
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