Can Buy Me Love!

16 Dec

(my comments on an article by Vijay nagaswami Tuesday 23 November 2010 09:18 AM IST

The poll was

When asked to rank finance, sex and romance in order of importance in their relationships, more than a third of the women polled in the survey by India Today opted for financial security, followed by sexual satisfaction, romance and emotional security. What’s your take)

My Take:
Was just reading the Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley split …they were talking of Arun having the possibility of getting a major chunk of Liz’s assets. How many so called liberal, independent women have the guts to accept something similar in their lives. Finances or love depends in which stage of relationship are you in. We are not talking of a wham bam and thank you ma’m relationship, where it’s finances all the way. But if two people are looking at an emotional involvement, finances may be one of the factors but not the end of it-‘initially’. Aishwarya Rai was adjudged the most beautiful woman of the world but faced physical abuse in the hands of her then boy-friend Salman who was financially much stable than her. Today she is much better off than her hubby Abhishek financially I bet but that doesn’t come between their marital peace. The love glows and lights up her face. Being a material girl has its own pros and cons but love has its own place/priority in everyone’s life.I would sign off by saying—For both…. ‘The more the merrier.’

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