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17 Dec

Once a friend posted ‘to be or not to be active on FB, that is the question’ and I replied “It’s all about being selectively active that leads to professional productivity and personal connectivity”

While I have been very tech savvy and all that, the first time I opened up my FB account I just went..whoa, wow, ouch, omg, lol, rofl, really, thank you so much, thank u so much, thnk u so mch, thank you, thank u, thanks, thanx, thx, thenk u, really?, like, not like, dislike, comment, comment and more comment and comment on comments. It was sleepless nights for some days(read till date) when I was just so excited about knowing where my friends, friends of friends, friends of siblings, aunts, uncles, their friends, their kids, grand kids, their friends, relevant/irrelevant. Suddenly the whole world was related to me. Thanks to social media that today I am so well connected to my near and dear ones and of course earn my bread and butter.

On 1st August I had posted on my FB “Im connected to so many of them on FB, those who stood by me in thick and thin, few of whom I rarely interacted in real life, some plain acquaintances, few I wud have dreaded to be even caught dead with, few who intrigued me and the other way around, some I just met, some I have never seen, some who just came along…..but it’s nice to know u all. It’s not a friendship day msg but it’s just celebrating being on FB and staying connected.”

Facebook was the social media site that brought news feeds to the fore in the social media world. An individual’s home page was nothing but the list of all status updates. Facebook and their likes are the communication tools that are anything but face-to-face and have become the virtual coffee tables or garden walks for all age groups/interest groups. Many a times, I send an FB message to my husband sitting in the next room, to call him for dinner.

Social feeds are always keeping us informed and updated. The consolidated feeds provide latest information and keep us connected and interconnected. It’s not just once that you experience the feeling ‘it’s a small world’. This ‘one to many’ connectivity makes you feel that you are reaching out, touching base with almost everyone around. This has become the way people stay connected to each other in today’s times and that also includes the family.

Due to this nature of social media, businesses have to carefully prepare an action plan to effectively reach the target audience in order to achieve the desired result. Professionally one cannot post how the daughter performed in the sports event or how the vacations got spoilt because of the bad facilities at the hotel in their FB page, but a post by a parent on the school blog on how the sports event was organized or the review on the facilities available at a hotel in a travel review site can actually make or break the clientele of the business houses. Just one statement by a student such as ‘this institute sucks’ can result in a major drop the admissions.

Businesses will have to be armed with proper policy to turn around the criticism in their favour, maintain consistency in the content they deliver through their social networks, constantly address the consumer grievance, come up with policies to award/reward their online loyalists, like I had announced in a client’s FB page that the 100th member would get a free site visit along with 5 of his/her chosen friend.

So go ahead and make full use of FB to advertise, promote, relate, react and connect to your near and dear ones–your customers.

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