Happy Women’s Day

08 Mar


The Global Centenary Year for the Women’s Day is celebrated today (the first event being celebrated in the year 1911 on March 19 and not on 8th March by Clara Zetkin ) and I am urged to share something that has been doing rounds in my mind for some time.

Couple of days back one of my FB connection had posted a link . She pointed out that the report suggests that part of the problem is the fact that women tend to pursue the lowest-paying professional careers, notably teaching. Perhaps part of the answer is just to increase compensation for people who devote their careers to education.

A friend of her’s said “the tax code does not favor children or stay-at-home parents. Parenting is an invaluable service to society. Perhaps I should literally pay my wife to take care of my kids, then we could write my house off as a business (day care center), as well as the car, and my wife could start a self-employed based SEP for retirement. I should also pay her for cleaning and cooking… same business rules.
Is it really any different than if I could afford a cook, daycare and chauffeur?”

Although these are the cases based from the west, I feel, this is not just the case with American women. We too struggle and juggle with career,home, aspirations, responsibilities a lot back here in India. Luckily now at least we have support coming from the work front in metros like where the employers turn a blind eye when we have no backups and carry kids to work. Regarding compensation and benefits,’miles to go.

Smaller cities though still has the concept of well-knit families and cushion the gaps but in larger metros everyone has and needs an independent life and hence the exponential rise in the nuclear families. At least west has organized creches for kids, which is still at a nascent stage so our lives are worse like mine. So although we have stepped out of the house and added on to our JD but ‘the invaluable service of Parenting’ is still largely handled by us. That could also be because men are not genetically capable to handle emotional stress as finely as women. I think we all should breed more men and train them to handle household and kids and parenting and cooking and cleaning and all other juggling that we do. Probably a ‘genetic mutation’ would help alter the scenario.

Happy Women’s Day girls!!!

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