Movie Review-Dil To bacha Hai Ji

29 May

I heard so much of criticism about it that I was very keen to see how much I would dislike it. But you know what, I could so easily relate to this. The story is so ‘close/similar’ to my own.
‘Naren-Abby-Milind, Films-Cricket- Shaadiyan, Any Time Mohabbat(ATM), Fun- Flirting- F**** of ABBY,Pyar- Party-Polaroid, Pyar-Shaadi-Family, Films-Bada Parda-Glamour all in sets of 3- just like my three little girls.
Milind writes ‘Facebook and Twitter , kuch nahi hai tere pyar se badhkar’ and Abby picks on his girls from their ‘FB status messages’. In short they too use social media to earn their bread and butter-just like me.
Even the first shot of Gungun’s office-‘Samarth Vaibhav Complex’-so close to my place.
Hello! How else did you think my life would have been similar to the movie?
I think I liked the movie even though the story line was so predictable. The chemistry to watch is that of Ajay and Emraan’s after their ‘Once Upon a Time’ together.
Bacha Banke Dekho to Achcha Hai!!!

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