Ganapati Bappa Morya!!!

14 Sep

Ask why I forgot to post to WP for a few days. Answer: Was busy attending to our beloved Elephant God – Ganapati Bappa. The family Ganapati, the apartment Ganapati, the friends’ Ganapati, and our own ‘chotta gannu bhaiya’ that we keep for the kids, the flavour was as usual divine, festive, spiritual and loud. Dear Vighnaharta, during this many moods and flavors period, I couldn’t help but notice the many forms of vighnas that come along, some disturbing, some frightening and some amusing.

  1. ‘School band karana hai, Shiv Sena Bulao’ headlines in the newspaper.
  2. Autorickshaws not plying during visarjan hours, Taxis taking fixed premium charges.
  3. Internet not functioning engineers  unavailable.
  4. Visitor queues to Lalbaugcha raja for over 20hrs.
  5. Roof collapses while Lalbaugcha Raja visarjan procession was on killing one person.
  6. 3 yr old raped and killed when she lost her way in the visarjan procession.









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