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Why this Kolaveri Di from the Tamil Movie 3

There have been many instances in the history of Indian cinema that unified us irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, region, color etc. like the unforgettable song ‘Man Tadapat hari Darshan Ko Aaj’ written by Shakeel Badayuni, composed by Naushad and sung by Mohd Rafi – all Muslims, but emoted so beautifully that till date the temples play this song or ‘Pal Pal Hai Bhari’, written by Javed Akhtar and performed by Shahrukh Khan that tells us about the good vs. evil through Ram Raavan. And now we have this Anthem ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ … Tamil-English(tanglish), Hindu-Hindi, Dosa-Samosa, any combination possible in this-country/that-country…this song is a rage. Its kind of crazy to see the viral effect the song had. It was so simple, ‘catchy and original’ as said by Amitabh Bachchan in his tweet.

I think it clicked because “the ‘Murderous Rage’ was so drunk that it could only humor itself.”

Only if everyone is blessed with such a rage in reality too, my hubby would have been a happily married man.

Take a look at my kids taking on the soupy slurrpy Kolaveri Di


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ROCKAPOOR – Movie Review of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar

I guess after Shahrukh Khan, it is indeed any and every movie of Ranbir Kapoor I can watch. All this while there was super criticism of Ra.1 but I just couldnt take my eyes off Shahrukh, so don’t know what people were badmouthing about. And now it is Ranbir Kapoor all the way I will be supporting, loving, ogling, jaw-dropping at.

Some personal facts that I would share:

  1. This was the first movie I ever watched alone in a movie hall and thought…”thank goodness I didn’t get others along.” They couldn’t have seen my love for Ranbir and I would have been disheartened by any negative remarks here.
  2. By the reviews and the Youtube videos of the songs I thought I would need need rolls of tissue as I am too touchy, but I kept wondering till the end what made Deepika Padukone or anyone else cry. Maybe a poorly narrated script.
  3. The initials ‘JJ’ are same as mine so I am calling myself JORDAN for now guys…have updated my FB profile name too…(may be till I see a Shahrukh Khan movie of another of Ranbirs) Has anyone seen such a crazy fan like me…

But just couple of doubts I had about this movie

  1. Why was this called ROCKSTAR? If it was because he had a desire to be a Rockstar, then from ‘desire’ angle he desired to be with his lady love more so it should have been named ‘Tumko Pa Hi Liya‘, ‘Besaleekha Ashiq‘ or ‘Naadan Parindey Ghar Aa Ja‘. This way they wouldn’t have had to write a title track for the movie …OR …If it was because the word ROCKSTAR being used multiple times then from multiple occurrence point of view it should be named ‘JANGLI JAWANI’.
  2. Do male guests really fantasize about the bride on the day of her marriage?
  3. Why do the directors make Ranbir cry at some or the other point in time, in all of his movies? Why don’t hey try to dig some more potential. (RANVIR on the other hand is a lucky-Vicky here amongst the current breeds who is experimenting.) Rockstar could have been made as a Happy Movie instead of desperately trying to be a sad one.
  4. Whatever happened to the pretty bollywood ladies? Why didnt Imtiaz Ali consider the current crop of talented girl-pool here. Well I guess I can answer this one. Nargis looks anorexic, bolemic, sick, tired, etc etc etc and the script demanded a sick woman towards the end of it where she did perfect justice to the role.Thank god we had Ranbir with her in all the frames(we didn’t have to close our eyes on her).

The ‘take home’ from the movie : I too made my list of all the ‘keedas’ in me….Oh common, you think I am going to make it public….U never know!

My Rating: *** on a scale of 5

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Social India Conference in Bangalore – Day 2– Nov. 13th

Social India Conference in Bangalore – Day 2– Nov. 13th

The day 2 agenda for the ‘Social India Conference in Bangalore’ organised by Akshay Patra Foundation is as follows. Keep watching this space for more updates.

8:30a – 8:50a Day 2 Kickoff Anant (event sponsor)
8:50a – 9:00a Interactive Q&A: Social Media Hopes, Dreams & Aspirations Eric Weaver, Ant’s Eye View
9:00a – 9:15a Skype Session from Washington DC: How a Traditional Media Pro became a New Media Pioneer Jim Long, NBC News
9:15a – 10:15a Ten Lessons from Airlines’ High-Flying Adventures in Social Media Shashank Nigam, SimpliFlying
10:15a – 11:15a Using Social Media to reach Youth Markets in India Sanjay Mehta, Social Wavelength
11:15a – 12:15p Lessons Learnt in Building a Personal Brand Kiruba Shankar, Business Blogging
12:15p – 1:30p LUNCH & NETWORKING
1:30p – 2:30p Beyond Platforms: The Potential of Today’s Social Organization Shauna Causey, Nordstrom
2:30p – 3:30p PANEL: “Selling Social to Management & Clients” Moderator: Shauna Causey
3:30p – 4:30p PANEL: “Content: Strategies and Best Practices” Moderator: Kiruba Shankar
4:30p – 6:00p Akshaya Patra Conference Wrap-up & Networking
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Social India Conference in Bangalore – Day 1 – Nov. 12th

So here we go with the day 1 agenda for the ‘Social India Conference in Bangalore’ organised by Akshay Patra Foundation. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Day 1 • Saturday • 12 November




8:30a – 9:00a Opening Words Akshaya Patra
9:00a – 10:00a The Customer Engagement Journey Eric Weaver, Ant’s Eye View
10:00a – 11:00a Wikibrands – Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace Sean Moffitt, Agent Wildfire
11:00a – 12:00p Don’t Try This at Home Stefan Kolle, FutureLab
12:00p – 12:15p Sponsor Presentation: How to Really Sell through Facebook Kiran Kumar, Adepto
12:15p – 1:30p LUNCH & NETWORKING
1:30p – 2:30p Social Integration For Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations Narendra Nag, 2020 Social
2:30p – 3:30p Community Building & Management Gillian Muessig, SEOmoz
3:30p – 4:30p Social Media in the Indian Context Kapil Gupta, OMLogic
4:30p – 6:00p Akshaya Patra Day 1 Summary & Networking
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Two to Tango

CAN U BE IN LOVE WITH 2 THINGS, WITH THE SAME INTENSITY??? I have been asking myself this for sometime now. I am not just talking about people here. I am also talking about the choices, the vices, the passion, the dream, the aspirations, the values, the systems. And above all I am talking about myself being in love with two.

I can and I am in love with two (just realized though) all the time, in all walks of life. Here’s the HOW of it.

There is this child in me -young, vibrant, confused, erring, laughing- that easily connects to every child around at their level and, at the same time, there is this focused and disciplined self, reaching out for the like minded, head above the shoulders, intelligent, intellectual, aware, learned individuals.  My connect with such crowd could be possible because of my voracious appetite to learn and learn and learn more. And who could be a better teacher than a child who always teaches you to forget and the ‘grey in experience’ who teaches you to forgive.There is one drawback here though – I hardly have friends in my age group. Probably because I feel I am neither giving nor receiving anything. I can’t stay stagnant.

There’s a lonely, quiet, secluded, carefully guarded, enigmatic self of mine that I would never want to show and then there is this outrageously extrovert other half – some call it ‘Bindaas’- which surprises me too many a times. May be because I fear none else but myself.

There is a cut throat, shrewd, opportunist business woman in me who also is diligent and dutiful homemaker. Now could be because of my totally down to earth and middle class upbringing coupled with the higher education I pursued.

Also there is this high aspiration, larger than life, designer lifestyle, beyond budget spender (all credits to my hubby Prashant for spoiling me rotten) living besides a philanthropist who strongly believe in ‘give what is right and not what is left‘ (I still need truck loads of gold biscuits to keep a lot and give away some).

I am tech junkie with an eye for strategy, and have just started strumming Guitar (credit my genes as my dad used to play and my teachers Soordas Powale who initiated the interest and Chandresh Kudwa who kept it going) while I sing along to unwind. Both of them give me the same high emotionally.

There is this fitness freak in me (current credits for keeping me so motivated goes to my trainer Umesh at Elixir)  which keeps me active and agile and also this La-Z-boy Recliner Lover, Anytime-PaniPuri Time believer who doesn’t mind munching any and everything at any hour in the day/night.

I also have this typical Harmonium with Guitar symphonies making rounds on my mind, a Prabha Atre Jamming with Roxette kinda feel in my heart all the time (probably thats why I love MTV coke studio so much).

I do have the grace of a Madhuri Dixit (who I think dances more with her eyes and smile, of course her body too is so supple), the cheap jahtka matkas of a Munni, the dirty dancing Swayze moves and the Akshay Kumar’s trademark footwork. I have not dabbled with Ballroom dance yet but I know I will be damn good at it. And what more could have I asked for. I found Tai – grace personified Smt.Nutan Patwardhan of Avartan School of Kathak. She has held my hand like that of a baby’s and is the guiding force behind this graceful dance-form. Strict disciplinarian she is and lays great emphasis on the sophistication of the form in in every way be it nazar or nazakat or kalaai or bhaav. She herself is extremely hardworking and energetic and makes me look forward to meeting her almost everyday.

While there is a fanatic Hindu/Tambram/Indian in me, at the same time I have a liberal open-to-all-cultures/languages/traditions/customs attitude too. That maybe because I am a Tambram, born in UP, married to a Paranjape/Jain hybrid, settled in Mumbai – a city which welcomes and breeds people from so many regions with open arms.In fact I keep my Navarathri golu perfectly Tambram style and also dance away to glory at Mata ki Chowki at friends’ place.

While thinking about it more deeply and trying to justify the ‘WHY‘ of my ‘two‘ loves, I guess each of them has created a certain void, which the other one fulfills to the core. I don’t think I can do without either of them. They are both the life and blood in me. One grounds me and the other releases me, one holds me closer in fear and the other thrills me down the hill with a Bungee fall, one keeps me warm with cuddles and hugs and  the other that drenches and quenches my thirst with cold showers, one has never bound me and one that has never left me. There are these starkly opposite selves of mine which have luckily found its loves and fulfillment. And I am totally, madly, deeply in love with them because it is more of spiritual connect than anything else.

Sorry for letting u all down here folks – I have just one Gharwala and I bet you all thought I will be talking of the ‘Baharwala’.

PS: Special mention of my Brother In Law Badrinath of Apple Tree for clicking this amazing picture specially for my post..Thank u so very much….


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