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Whisper a Lullaby


Am missing a friend in my life

Will you be the one

And tell me right from wrong

Am too weak fighting alone

Will you stay close and make me strong

Not able to see where I went wrong

Show me a way out

Don’t want anything more

No love, neither touch

Would you Whisper a lullaby

and put me off to sleep


Am so tired of being the shoulder

Don’t want much, just a small corner

The space which will be my world

Please don’t share it with someone else

Need a friend, have a secret to share

Have cried so much that no tear is left

My eyes are swollen and vision so blurred

Will u be there in this moment of ugliness

Want to sleep

Would you whisper a lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


I don’t want to know what I was

Tell me what I could not be

From dusk to dawn I stared at the same point

Flashes from the past

Tried rubbing it sometimes

Even tried pulling myself out

But nothing changed the end

the eyes won’t close

They want to see me fall again and again

The voices are making fun of me

Even the deafening music can’t hush the laughs

Want to curl up like a baby and sleep forever

Have to dream a sweet dream Sweets

Will you be there and Whisper a Lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


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I am out of this hallucination

It’s time for me to move on, let me be

If I want to fall back upon someone,

it won’t be anyone anymore

Because I know for sure

I am out of this hallucination

I know u won’t need me, U never did

Why would you, you had so many,

when you touched, it ruffled me

I am so disheveled, can’t go this way

Got to gather myself

But I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

How could I not see, I never did

You were the same to all, nice and gentle,

but I did fall

The perils of which I have to bear alone

I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

In this roomful of noise, my whispers will go unheard

I might say whatever I said

But deep down inside I know I wait

To be needed, for once in my lifetime

But it won’t let me, the pain, it won’t let me

It’s too much

Sweets I know for sure

I failed again

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

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I Can DNA Half Marathon


I had been reading about it since the day they started campaigning and thought why not. When I am an  ‘I Can’ woman and have the grit to fight and come on the top everytime when I want to (Pls forgive me as I am at an emotional high after losing 25 kilos…and I am sounding like all this went out from my top shelf)…. then what’s the big deal about running a Marathon…to be more specific…’half Marathon’

10 days back they started giving fitness and prep tips and I started training. Everyday treadmill at my gym to cover 2 KMs…take me just 15-17 minutes ( I am aiming at 10 KM at least… ).

I have been even campaigning for them on my facebook. My friends were following my daily dose and even enquired about it…like Monica said “dear Jayaa, Milkha Singh ne bhi itna shor nahi kiya hoga even when he was going to compete in athletics”. Ninaad said “say your little prayer” and in Priyanka’s words “all the best and lovely thoughts/words.I make sure I read every post religiously, at times more than once”. Mamta, Rashmi, Shalini and Sweta wished me luck for the run. While the ‘I Can  DNA Marathon was for cervical cancer awareness’ I was campaigning for LOVE…

I prefer adding humour to difficult situations but this time around I seriously meant to say ‘please love.’ Not just those who love you but also those who have forgotten to love you. And to give something you should have it in abundance. So love yourself first. Don’t expect to be loved back.

Here’s a Zeitgeist of All of my campaign ideas….

#1 March 4th

Don’t pin up your hopes on the ones you love coz the pin might hurt them…
Someone who really cares for you is your self…No one can better understand
I care so I can and I will
Arre baba…I am not senti or anything lyk that…I am running for the ‘I Can DNA half Marathon’ and campaigning for them

#2 March 4th

I keep coming back to you even when you hurt me coz I dont want ‘you’ to lose a good friend…
I care so I can and I will keep coming back.
Another of the ‘I Can DNA half Marathon’ campaign guys…

#3 March 4th

People give u what u already have coz they know they can get it back….so if you love yourself you will find everyone loving you and if you feel no one loves you, it is because you don’t love yourself enough.
Fill yourself with love for yourself and you will not feel the need to be loved by others.
I care, I can, I will dump you…(lolz)
Another one for…’I Can DNA half Marathon’

#4 March 4th

I keep trying to patch up all the tym…u feel it was coz it was my mistake…I know it is because I love…
I care so I can and I will…Love you always
for…’I Can DNA half Marathon’

#5 March 5th

Why do I want you to put words to your feelings…when everything you do, you do it for me…
Why do these long gaps of silence make me feel u are drifting away even if you are holding me close…
I care, I can , I will try and understand that u are there for me…
campaigning for ‘I Can DNA Marathon’ 🙂

#6 March 6th

You can always lean on me…but when I have my weak moment, would you lend me your shoulder? would you put your arms around me and b there to pacify?
I care, I can, I will b stronger n hold myself back so that I can hold u always…
I am running for I Can DNA half marathon…

#7 March 7th

u have been so nice to always show me ur smiling self, but when u r down and out, would u not let me wipe the tears trickling down ur face…
I care, I can, I will …wait for u to confide in me and let me hold u in your moment of despair…believe me I will never tie u down
I Can DNA Marathon…I will be there

 #8 March 9th

When I try to forget the pain u gave me and immerse myself in work to forget it, u think I am getting on with life,
When I try to explain every bit, it just increases the strife,
I care, I can, I will b there with u always, don’t be so insecure dear, we are meant to be and nothing else matters…
I Can DNA Half Marathon…the countdown begins…3…

#9 March 9th

When someone cheats on you and you get to know about it, become their best friend. They need help, not your hatred.
I care, I can, I will…guide u, hold u, show u the way ….
If u still don’t get it….these boots are made for walking but one of these days these boots will walk all over u…LOLZ
I Can DNA Half Marathon….countdown stays at 3…:)

#10 March 10th

When nothing seems to be working in your favour, it is always advisable to exit gracefully coz all the hardship you put in saving the relationship needs the respect of a war hero…
I care, I can, I will understand its not right but its ok …
I will come to terms with the loss and void you created and definitely move on…
I Can DNA Marathon……2

#11 March 10th

Every relation has its beautiful and ugly moments…do not stop communicating even if you are warring with each other…learn to pick up the phone…everytime…you would be surprised to see how much the other one was longing to hear your voice…
I care, I can, I will…keep my ego behind and not think why me… everytime…lay down the arms and give up the fight…
I Can DNA Marathon…1….time to go…wish me luck…

#12 March 10th

God I am so jittery…..Does anyone here has Marathon Experience here? I am jittery not because I have been training 15 minutes everyday for past 10 days …covering 2 long kms and still dreaming of winning some prize money …not because I have packed up a little paunch this week with some bitter chocolates…not because it is the first time, not because I have no company…

I HAVE NOT REGISTERED YET…can I? still be there?…and not be thrown out…any help here???

I Care, I Can, I Will run the mile with or without you…

I Can DNA Marathon…off I go…


#13 11th March

Back from the ordeal. Here goes my statistics:

I Can DNA Marathon

Time Taken: 40 min
Distance Covered: 7Km
Venue: Treadmill – Elixir Fitness Club

Registrations were closed so I did not attempt to go all the way to BKC to witness and cheer the participants.

I care I Can so I Ran the mile…

Signing off for now…:)

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The Birth and Death of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan – Agneepath Movie Review


‘Dekh ye hath ekdum Saaf…Isko dho diya main’

When Chota Johar decided to re-make Agneepath, originally by the Bada Johar, I thought I should see the ‘Bachchanpath’ before the ‘Roshanpath’ so that I can enjoy giving the SWOT analysis of old vs new. Shame on a movie reviewer like me who had given the legendary Vijay Deenanath Chauhan a big miss. BTW, SWOT here stands for Scene Weene, Opinion Topinion. An acronym I just coined. Please do talk about it in your comments and tweets. I want it to be trending in today’s twitterverse. While I was tempted to see the original before the adaptation, some part of me wanted to take a look at the new one with fresh perspective for an unbiased opinion.

Thanks to ma-in-law’s visit that I could get out of the house in the near middle of the night with hubby and not think of kids while watching the movie. That’s another story altogether that I ended up sleeping while my husband was cracking his brain with the SWOT stuff. (He had seen the original one literally a hundred times and I knew I would have some first hand comparison insights from my abode itself).

After over 3 long hours of sleep watching the movie (alternating between sleeping and watching) I decided to just pull the blanket and sleep properly. Thank god I had company else the ushers would have had to do me out of the hall. I so wanted to pour it all on my blog the next day but thought it would be wiser to watch the Big Johar’s masterpiece and reserve my comments till then.

Finally I saw the ‘Bachchanpath’ yesterday for the first time and wanted to know just three things:

  1. Why would the Karans (Johar and Malhotra) want to kill Vijay Deenanath Chauhan? Bada Johar’s Agneepath gave birth to the cult Vijay Deenanath Chauhan which was actually the big O in terms of the dialogues, acting, storyline, characters, actors and everything that went into the making of the movie. Again, by the big O, I mean Original here. Please Mentos mat khao( Dimaag ki batti band rakho). Looks like the Karans knew it from the beginning and that’s why it was also a part of Sanjay Dutt’s dialogue saying ‘s baar to Vijay Deenanath Chauhan Ko Marna hi Padega’. Chota Johar’s Agneepath literally hanged him to death on that ‘Mandwa ka Banyan Tree’.
  2. “Krishnan Iyer Em Yea ko kyon nahi liya? Hain” I want to ask this really loud with that ‘hain’ in Amitabh’s voice. He was such a comic relief in the serious dialogues and violent fight sequences. Was it so difficult to draft a parallel hero script or was it budget constraints? As an afterthought it could have been used as the bollywood launch role for ‘Dhanush’ of the Kolaveri fame.
  3. Bhopal se Behen kyo lekar aaye? (Usme aisa kya tha jo mujhme nahi?) This behen in Roshanpath had hardly any role and was visibly awkward with Hrithik touching and holding and lifting her. (I would have died to even play Hritihik’s mom.)

A Special request to Ekta Kapoor who is in a Soap adaptation spree of the Box Office Hits – pls don’t try recreating this epic anymore.

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