Whisper a Lullaby

28 Mar


Am missing a friend in my life

Will you be the one

And tell me right from wrong

Am too weak fighting alone

Will you stay close and make me strong

Not able to see where I went wrong

Show me a way out

Don’t want anything more

No love, neither touch

Would you Whisper a lullaby

and put me off to sleep


Am so tired of being the shoulder

Don’t want much, just a small corner

The space which will be my world

Please don’t share it with someone else

Need a friend, have a secret to share

Have cried so much that no tear is left

My eyes are swollen and vision so blurred

Will u be there in this moment of ugliness

Want to sleep

Would you whisper a lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


I don’t want to know what I was

Tell me what I could not be

From dusk to dawn I stared at the same point

Flashes from the past

Tried rubbing it sometimes

Even tried pulling myself out

But nothing changed the end

the eyes won’t close

They want to see me fall again and again

The voices are making fun of me

Even the deafening music can’t hush the laughs

Want to curl up like a baby and sleep forever

Have to dream a sweet dream Sweets

Will you be there and Whisper a Lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


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