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My video Review of the film ‘ABCD 2’:

Waterlogged mumbai city had the highest rainfall recorded today. On hearing that the school is closed my oldest one suddenly screamed ‘First Day First Show’ (FDFS)!!!

For the past three months I had been hearing that she wanted to watch ABCD2 FDFS. But being the kind of mother I am she knew school cant be skipped so she has to wait till Sunday morning. But all thanks to Indra dev, her first ever screen idol Varun’s movie had 4 more viewers (Me and my 3 daughters) in this heavy downpour.

Car parked, tickets bought, popcorns and pepsis tucked in the arm rest,  movie begins with character sketches and then the dance competition which was the turning point for the Varun’s Dance grp and Remos storyline to travel to Vegas. Besides this there is no story. Everything else could have just not been there.

Part 1 vs 2… Havent seen the 1st part which most of them have rated better.

3d experience- The 3d effects of the  illuminati grp was truly beautiful but that was all. And yeah, one more, the entry sequence of Prabhudeva in the bar. We are still evolving in 3d effects. Not much to offer here.

Storyline… none

Dances…. too many

Performance…. Watch this movie for Dharmesh, Puneet, Raghav, Sushant, Lauren- few very amazing dancers. Movie without Shraddha would have been the same.

Varun is good but its a dance movie and with so many good dancers he looked mediocre. Acting is his forte, which he of course did well. But there wasnt much to act.


Remo wanted to put in every possible hip hop. But a loose storyline took away a lot.But for someone who eats drinks sleeps dance can just make a dance movie and not tell stories. We see so much in tv dance reality shows nowadays that the moves to didnt seem new. There were a lot of passionate dancers but again compared to international hip hop stars we are no where. We still have long way to go to have just dance or musical shows successfully running like in west, where the director wouln’t have needed say for example a Brad Pitt to promote  dance movie.

But doesnt look very far now. India has got talent. Remo we are definetly looking forward to ABCD3 with the best pf 1 and 2. Standing ovation for REMO for at least trying. After all It Just Takes a Step as he says.

rating storywise 1/5

Dancewise 3.5/5

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