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Rock U – naad Global Music at BeHappy – Review

In the daily hustle-bustle, Connecting Community is a huge task. Especially when the community is that of aware, conscious, educated, successful, adventurous, observant, fun loving, high-on-adrenaline citizens of one of mumbai’s suburbs – Andheri Lokhandwala
Arts and Entertainment has always been central to all social gatherings and a common thread that binds individuals but its proven fact that music helps you attain the highest level of conscience. Hence in a gathering if you are connected to ‘your music’ , you are connected to every soul on the floor with you.
Music is also very individualistic. For some it may be a groove that u play on the drum set, for some it may be a mata rani jagaran song, for some it may be a meditative sound of a drone (tanpura) or a Beethoven’s sonata or a #honeysingh rap or a #KLSaigal s ‘chah barbad karegi hame’ or #Mohdrafi s yahoo or #coldplay s viva la vida.
When I first saw a post on #BeHappy on Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizens Association #loca ‘s page, I instantly could see myself as one of the contributors rather than being a mere participant. It just took me a line of text in #loca s fb page to jump in. Karan Jotwani of Team #Behappy instantly gave me concept brief and connected me to Vivek Golani and Dhaval Shah who helped me out with participation options. So now we had a Workshop Counter for music enthusiasts and a Stage Time for students.
While I joined in by doing what I know the best- MUSIC, my connection was not at the surface level. I connected with their philosophy. The philosophy of bringing joy to all. Ever since I made Music as my mainstream profession, I have been clear about My Mission -Connect to the Music of your Soul, every individual connected to music in some or the other form.
I sifted through my contacts and managed to speak to Raunaq Bhargava of one of India’s largest music stores #MusiciansMall. He instantly agreed to arrange for best of the equipment at the venue for a wonderful user-experience.
Our day started a night before, planning minutest details of placement, and ease of use of musical equipment. We left for set up at 5.30 in the morning and were ready to rock in a jiffy. One after the other, children, parents, grandparents, young and old, some aware some naive of musical instruments, everyone who came to the fun event #behappy , started visiting us. Many went back home and got family members and friends to explore the Indian and western instruments. We had the longest queue of visitors who wanted to try everything around. Parents wanting their kids to try the drums while the kids wanting to do the tanpura, children encouraging parents to try out guitars, moms singing mantras to their kids on harmonium, dads trying to act cool by playing drum set, mom and daughter jamming over songs, all these were the very small but significant realisations of my larger vision of “music to all” through Naad Alankaar Global Music School.
Our young learners also enjoyed jamming on the stage with few rock numbers from Rock-On, Cranberries, MJ, ABBA, Queen.
We had a great experience spreading joy of music and will be coming back again on 18th Dec. with more fun more instruments more workshops to offer.
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