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Dhrupad by Gundecha Brothers – Spiritual Morning – Review


Today‘s program was so divine from the moment it started. It was dark and cold and beautifully landscaped with Gateway of India as the backdrop. Both Padmashri Umakant ji and Padmashri Ramakant ji started with ‘Jai Shiva Shankar’ a Dhruvapad in Raag Lalit. Ramakant ji deftly touching ati kharaj (mandra saptak ) notes in his powerful baritone voice in the initial alap and Umakant ji merging it with mandra and taar saptak with equal strength with nom tom and suddenly #SukhadMunde ji joining in with Pakhawaj in 3/4th rhythm cycle suddenly connected us to the divine in the very beginning even before the Dhruvapad started. The Dhruvapad was in Sooltal and sounded like lord Shiva’s tandav in the heavens. With the drut improvisations of dugun, tigun, chaugun, tihais (mathematical fractions of double, third, fourth, triplets), the audience simply couldn’t stop vowing. Wah! wah! wah! went on throughout the performance.
Next they presented a poem by Jaishankar prasad dwivedi – Ashok ki Chinta. It is a description of King Asoka’s feelings just after the Kalinga war. We did study about it in our literature and history class as kids but never thought of poetry in Dhruvapad in this way. This was again composed in Raag Lalit. With pakhawaj in 16 beats was a treat to the music lovers present in this morning who deeply could connect to lyrics

‘ जलता है यह जीवन पतंग जीवन कितना?
अति लघु क्षण,
ये शलभ पुंज-से कण-कण,
तृष्णा वह अनलशिखा बन
दिखलाती रक्तिम यौवन।
जलने की क्यों न उठे उमंग?

We were so mesmerised when suddenly Umakant ji said ‘5 aur minute aapka lenge, ek gurjari todi me choti si prastuti’. The audience was so dissapointed to hear it is about to end. With the sun rising on the horizon, this composition in drut Teevra taal Dhruvapad suddenly paced up our energies with its divine lyrics.
Katat vikar naam uchhar
Jo nar sumire naam

Jagatido pe sab sansar
Dharm adhar vidya par.

It was indeed a Spiritual Morning in every way. #ShashiVyas ji gave a vote of thanks to the artists and couldn’t stop himself in reciting these verses of a poet manish
“Suraj ki tapan asman me hoti hai
Tadapna dharti ko padta hai
Pyar ankho se hota hai
Tadapna dil ko padta hai ” leaving the audience in peals of laughter as the sun was now getting hotter. He rightly said that Gundecha brothers kept the pace very well “Dhrupad ki gati Shant se drut”, just the way it should be. “Is Behtareen mehfil ke liye shukriya”. Mangala ji and amol accompanied on tanpura.

Gundecha brothers, Padmashri Umakant Gundecha ji and Padmashri Ramakant Gundecha , are one of the leading exponents of Dagarhani Dhruvapad gharana. For those who don’t know, just like Khayal Gayaki, Dhruvapad Gayan is an ancient traditional form of Hindustani singing. It was prevalent even during the vedanta era. The Samagana system of Samaveda (verses with tunes ) evolved into Chanda-Prabandha which had verses with a specific oragnisation(taal). This later came to improvise as the Dhruvapad.

Dhrupad music is spiritual and divine while Khayal gayaki is more of demonstration of a dialogue between the notes, interval and mood of the raag. Dhruvapad is performed with Pakhawaj as percussion as opposed to tabla in Khayal gayaki. Besides this, Dhruvapad instruments are the Surbahar and Rudraveena. This renders even more depth and fuller tonality to the ambience of Dhruvpad performance. A Dhruvpad has four sections –
Sthayi- That ranges from Kharaj to Mandra Saptak ( lower octaves to the middle octave)
Antara- That ranges from Mandra to taar Saptak (Middle to higher octaves)
Sanchari- The third part (absent in Khayal Gayaki) improvises upon the first section and second section ranging from kharaj to taar saptak.
Abhog-The concluding part( absent in Khayal Gayaki) that winds up the whole presentation.

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Raees Movie Review

#Review #Raees
26th morning 2017
What a way to start … Raees, Kaabil and xXx
Someone recently asked me what is the biggest sacrifice as parent I have made and my answer is missing a #Shahrukh movie #firstdayfirstshow‘ because it’s always a schoolday and the kids too want to watch it so we wait for the nearest holiday. So this time it was 26th January, our 68th Republic day this year.
In the days of inspiring biopics like #ChakDeIndia (Negi ), #BhagMilkhaBhag, #MaryKom, #Airlift (Mathunny Mathews), #MSDhoni, #Sully, here we have Raees, the biopic on an Inglorious Liquor Mafia Don (while the disclaimers say its fiction)
Raees is a very tightly packed storyline, with shahrukh’s sharp dialogues, quick witted calculating kohl eyes and crisp storytelling.
While #shahrukh does promotions with full shiddat for his movies but he never talks of his physical transformation so much as other actors be it his intro sequence in #HappyNewYear as Charlie, or his derriere in #OmShantiOm body, or the very plain Gaurav in Fan, or the Blood-Matam-Moharram-intro sequence in this movie. I won’t know how much of it is CGI but it’s very well done.
I was especially impressed by the casting (minus Mahira) where all other actors/artists too did a very good job. #Nawazuddin is very sleek as a police inspector but mostly his role was of a bechara police officer who kept planning but losing his war against the mafia don. Even at the end when he gets his kill the don is made to look bigger than him. But that’s Indian cinema. Reminded me of #ManojBajpai in #Special26. #AtulKulkarni is very convincing as the as Jairaj seth but may be the negative shades of his character could have been accentuated with some strong memorable background score. But the movie is about Shahrukh aka Raees so no one is superior to him. #NarendraJha as Musa is also very subtle and impressive actor. I am not sure if Mahira had very little to offer as an actor or was her role cut so short to being so insignificant. In fact Shahrukh’s mother played by #SheebaChaddha had very small but very impactful role.
Story is gripping in the first half, but suddenly loses plot towards the end and again picks up. Mumbai Blast involvement somewhere brings in horrific memories but they are not trying to gain any sympathy for the character. It’s just a movie. The dialogue that stays is with me is “Ammi Jaan kehti hai Koi Dhandha Chota nahi hota aur Dhande se bada koi Dharm Nahi Hota”
Songs like Zalima, Udi Udi Jaye and Laila main Laila are already chart toppers but my personal favorite is “Sanson Ke” by KK.
I never reveal stories in my reviews aur aap abhi tak review padh rahe ho. Jao movie dekho bhai.
Must Watch. Even for Shahrukh Haters, because he is not playing Shahrukh.
Technical Rating – 4.5*
Fan Rating:- LeLoJitneStarsChahiye
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Naad Global Music

I started this idea called ‘Naad’ for connecting more and more people and breaking cultural and social barriers through music. There are 5 ways in which our brand Naad consolidates on these ideas
Naad in education – Naad Arambh, Naad Alankaar
Naad in Indian Classical – Naad Sadhna
Naad in World Music – Naad Bhed
Naad in Workshop and Discourses – Naad Samvaad
For past few years I have been taking up personal goals to grow. Initially it was outside my work. I was into softwares, telecom product training and social media so started looking at music as a subject of growth.
First I picked up the tabla as it was easier as a classical singer to understand, then the guitar because it looked so cool and added a new dimension to a solo performance. Then it was the Recorder flute, the xylophone, the drums and the violin. Besides my growth, it was also keeping my girls connected to music in various forms.
But now music being my full time profession for few years, I am making my 2017 bucket list. Travelling and picking up a language tops the list. Being a people’s person, I also will connect to more people. So I will be curating more workshops, shows, seminars and gigs. Indian music lacks technology integration and innovation. I being a techie and educationist too, have been working on integrating 21st century education to Indian Music. This too would be one of the top body work of my musical journey this 2K17
My personal goals of travels and learning languages would also be connected to my journey into ‘Naad’ and reaching out to more people through music and technology.
Naad is a brand promise and we are working on spreading not just education of highest order but also performances, interactions and discourses of highest quality. We will be connecting more with the veterans and inviting them over for moderated and open discussions on music, technology and other pertinent topics to keep the music alive and going in its purest form.
I have enjoyed every bit of my journey connecting with you all and I am looking forward to your suggestions and participation. 2K17… MORE MUSIC YOUR WAY
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