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Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

IMG_9777.JPGतिमिर से प्रभा तक
परास्त से अजेय तक
क्षति से कीर्ति तक
विभत्स से अप्रतिम तक
मूक से सबल तक
रौद्र से क्षमा तक
भय से पौरुष तक
अचेत से सबल तक
विरक्ति से सानिध्य तक
मैं से तुम तक
हाथ थामे चलना



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A Death in the Gunj movie review

#Adeathinthegunj #konkonasensharma
My questions here are
1.What should someone do sitting the whole length of movie if they already guessed from the initial car scene that Shutu is the Dead in Gunj
2. If Shutu turns ghost, why does he not stay at the house after death and come all the way to the hospital to go back all the way.
3. If at all he had to be declared dead at the hospital, why didnt he fly back. I mean, do ghosts really need a car ride back home ( my primitive knowledge of ghosts in Vikram aur Vetal say ghosts can fly)
4. Would Konkona consider few scripts of my 9 year old who plays games like ‘Chudail-Chandali’ with her friends scripted impromptu by friends which has some unpredictable storylines.

Some very good actors – Vikrant Massey, Kalki Kochelin, Ranveer Shourie, Gulshan Devaiya, Jim Sarbh, Tilottama Shome, Tanuja, Om Puri- in a very predictable storyline. It is clearly mentioned from the beginning that the story is set in 1979 so please don’t expect a 2017 subject.

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Covfefe dhinchakpooja tharoor trump famous June words

All this media ” #CovFeFe ” of ” #DhinchakPooja ” is nothing but #ExasperatingFarragoOfDistortions and #CampaignOfCalumny to ” #Tharoor ise “and ” #Trump le” the spirit of good musicians.


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