20 Jul


It does matter. Try harder.
My dear musician friends, dont lose hope so easily. When you are low, rant well but keep holding on to hope. Everyone is going through their share of upheavels, but giving up on life, cannot be your choice alone. There are so many out there who love you and need you. Reach out to them. Why waste it on something/someone that/who doesnt care.
Find a larger purpose in life besides money. We all need money but that can’t be the end. Keep a plan B ready and going.
Any life is precious. So many who want it but lose it due to illness and accidents. Then How Dare u just give it up. Someone needs you… badly. Your family, friends, fans, so many far off who dont know you but have a need of someone like you. They love you. We love you. I love you for the simple reason that you are born on this planet. Love yourself the most. Please dont give up so easily.

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