Lipstick Under My Burkha Movie Review

22 Jul



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Ever since I read about the movie not getting clearance for Indian viewers, I was following it’s news. Kudos to Ekta Kapoor to take it up and bring this wonderful movie to the audience.
The story line is well balanced to depict different women of the society suppressing their desires due to societal pressures.
The desires are that of career, sex, freedom to dress, freedom to choose a life partner. In all it’s about freedom to be.

Everything else in the movie is as expected

I would like to add that the representation could be extended to not just oppressed women. Pointing fingers on smaller sections of societies was also not justified.

Even today when girls get married the so called ” ladke wale” do the regular questioning of ” Kitna Lagayenge ” (financial assessment) to the “ladki walas”, in all classes and cities (more prevalent in upper classes). Doesn’t end there. The woman getting pregnant means job insecurity, women with kids means lesser earning capacity, divorcee/widows/menstruating means exclusion from religious ceremonies and so on.

We women behave think and act a certain way not just because of oppression but also because We are Human. We need to be allowed to make mistakes and learn and move ahead. We have allowed men to make mistakes since ages and still put them in a higher pedestal above us. Then why would something like exploring one’s own sexuality (at any age) be a taboo or one’s decision of career, need to go through so much approval.

That’s exactly how it ended. Not being heavy with some preachy social message but just as it should:-

Continue Wearing Bold Reds – Burkha or No Burkha

My take:- Definitely Watch It. Splendid job by #RatnaPathakShah . Why hasn’t this lady ever got an award? or did she and I missed it. Let me google that bit while you watch this one.

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