Gift of education

23 Jul

Give the gift of education to your children. Education of sciences, commerce, politics, sports, arts, music. Yes the whole package. Wholistic education should emphasise on learning not mugging. Teach them to visualise all of these. Teach them to be sincere. Just sending them to different schools and coachings is not enough. It is imporant to sit them down and look at all these subjects through their lens and facilitate them with the needed resources. It is not just about teaching them. Learn to Learn with them.
Expecting a school to do it all and putting up your hands in their intellectual development is completely unacceptable. Spending money will not educate them. But spending some time with them will definitely educate you to understand their choices.
Let them decide which of these gifts they want to keep and which one they would want to pass. Pick up signals from their choices and nurture and help them mould their skills.
You respect their choices,
They will respect your advices.
#BasBolDiya #examblues #jitteryparents #chilledOutChildren #unnecessaryStress #liveAndLetLive

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