Indu Sarkar Movie Review

28 Jul


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Just last week I got curious on what is #madhurBhandarkar upto. Havent heard about any latest project after calendar girls. That’s when I chanced upon his next release Indu Sarkar. Then followed news of #PriyaPaul (claiming to be sanjay gandhis bilological daughter ) requesting a stay order due to misrepresentation of SanjayGandhi and Indira Gandhi’s character in the movie during the emergency era.
I got curious and started reading about the emergency era. Even before I left my home in the morning I saw some highlights of “emergency” in the newspaper.
So as far as what I learnt was:-
It was a period between 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977
Initially a short term plan got extended to 21 months
Free press rights were taken away. (All media-print/av was under scrutiny for content.)
Mass Sterilisations with many instances of forceful procedures.
Razing down of residences at Turkman Gate by bulldozers
Sanjay Gandhi’s high handedness in implementation of emergency
20 point and 5point schemes for economic development
Opposition leaders jailed
Singer Kishore Kumar unofficially boycotted by AIR for refusing to perform at a political meet
There were many more of them. But all of the above finds mention in this cinema. The sad thing is nothing is touched upon crisply. All important highlights are dragged beyond its stretchability. After the initial 2 hrs of slow paced drama, it picks up for 5 min only to fall flat.
The movie is narrative of the emergency from the eyes of a reticent, stammering, commoner ‘InduSarkar’ played by Kirti Kulhari, who gets embroiled in this situation and eventually finds her voice to oppose the system with the help of a rebel outfit. Neither Indu’s story nor the situations she went through were reasons convincing enough to have an all time teary-eyed Kirti. While her husband Naveen played by Tota Roychoudhry still had few varying shades of concerned husband, ambitious govt officer, cold and stern puppet of the system, Neil Nitin Mukesh’s character sketch of Sanjay gandhi trying to be dark fell flat without enough dialogues and situations to justify.

My biggest dissappointment was Aziz Nazan’s classic ” chadhta sooraj ” in its totally ruined audio visual mismatch version. The visuals had instruments which were not part of the revamped audio like a dholak and tabla picturised on the sounds of some percussive drums,a harmonium player sitting with the qawwals in the song whereas the audio hardly used harmonium. The background extras giving unnecessary animated gestures of happiness in a sarcastic line was a total eyesore. And the song hardly took the story ahead. So we had to watch all the unnecessary gimmicks.

I recently saw the movie RagingBull of RoberDeNiro playing LaMotta directed by Martin Scorcece. The movie stands out because it was not about the boxing matches of laMotta but a human story of a human conditions that pulls you down from an altar. It is a brilliant story telling with minimalistic use of words. Such were the films of Madhur till I saw fashion. In his films, while he would be subtly suggestive of the real people from the society but his lead actors had story of human emotions to tell like Konkona in Page 3 or Priyanka and Kangana in Heroine or Tabu in Chandni Bar. Indu Sarkar fails to look like a #MadhurBhandakar Film.

But I feel every film derives different emotions out of different people. I was never a witness of the Emergency. May be someone who has experienced or heard of it from those who experienced it, will feel a different emotion. So my suggestion would be to watch it once and form your opinion.
Watch out for the song Yeh Pal by #AmrutaFadnavis

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