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Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review


Dil Tod Diya
He Kissed Her …. 😱😭😭😭😭

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Closest I can get to Shahrukh is the day his movies release:-
Front row, Middle Seat, First Day, First Show-You will always find me there
Let me clarify here – I never review Shahrukh Movies. You HAVE to watch it because either you are a Shahrukh fan or you are not. There is no mid-path to love Shahrukh’s. Shades of grey are for all others. But this is one territrorry where you have to take sides. No sitting on fence. In my case I get possessed. Recently I met someone who manages Shahrukh as a brand and was promised one meetup but I was wondering what would I say to him? “i am your biggest fan” or “please say that dialogue” or “i love all your movies” or “please can i hug u” ? What would be so unusal about all this. Sabhi ye bolte hai. He wouldnt even look my way. At least when he romances the camera I assume he’s looking at me. And uske baad to bas I keep blushing and giggling.
So here I am reviewing an Imtiaz movie.
This was a silly love story – but love is silly, it should be silly, and the only time when we can justify being silly, irrational, a little out of place, out of mind, out of control is when we are in love. Die hard romantics dont see justification to the action of love. Bas ho jata hai. Baat karte karte, ladte ladte, chalte chalte, ring dhoondte dhoondte.

Sometimes, it is not just about good movies, or good stories. You should watch some good actors and some good Indian flavours. Anoushka is looking sweet as a Gujrati Sejal and the locales are same as what we saw mostly in Tamasha by Imtiaz. Humour is also good and the story is also quite fast moving till interval. It dips for sometime when Harry and Sejal are discovering love for each other but picks up again towards the end.
Zyada soncho mat. Just go and watch.

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