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PATNI – Ansh Darshak Utsav 2017 – Makrand Niladri – Play Review



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#PATNI is a beautiful portrayal of a man losing his wife but unable to accept the reality and continuing to live with her memories, with her pseudo-existence post death. The beauty of this play is added when we get to see accompaniment by sitar vituoso Niladri Kumar live on stage, taking the story to the next level with his magical fingers on his Sitar and Zitaar. #Makarand and #Niladri compliment each other perfectly with Niladri’s “foreground score” (in this case as Niladri is accompanying onstage with his music, including reverbs/delays on his zitar and Jhalas on sitar) throughout Makarand’s monologue. Whatever I say of Niladri’s choice of melody lines and sound special effects are less. You can feel the pain, the pleasure, the raging emotions, the fear of losing a near and dear one- expressed with thoughtful sensitivity of his music. The play of lights also does a lot of story telling in PATNI.


#Patni is a solo act of #MakrandDeshpande where he deals with a man’s perspective of loss of his beloved. Loss of partner, widowing has many colors when it comes to women portraying the character. They can talk of loss of support, loss of caretaker, loss of protector, loss of love but what happens when a man loses his spouse. Mostly they deal with the situation straight-faced and move on with work and responsibilities.
But this solo act #PATNI is about a male protagonist who moves on with his life imagining what would it be like if his wife continued living with him after death. He is unable to accept the very idea of her non-existence. He imagines that she still lives with him posthumously and since now she’s a ghost she can probably fly around even take him around with her in flights of fantasy. He imagines she continues to exist as a ghost. He imagines he is still a provider, a caretaker, a protector, a lover, a husband in despair of his nagging wife. His inability to release her to go to the other world, his inability to explain to people that he is still so entwined with her memories, his obstinacy to hold on to her even in her misgivings as an imaginary ghost-wife, were so very man-thing. The whole concept was so uniquely intriguing, where #Makrand #deshpande with his usual madcap eccentricities shows depair about what happens when you lose someone you were taking care of, someone you would argue with for small reasons, someone who takes you for granted as a provider, someone who is like “as-wife-as-possible” and continues to irritate you, love you, indulge you, ignore you. He as the protagonist in Patni has invited the audience to introduce is wife and slowly let her go from his memories.


The play tries to touch upon the side of a men otherwise considered unemotional and unattached, with a lot of sensitivity, without being a tear jerker, conveying that loss is equally hurtful for both spouses. How each of them deal with it is a very personal thing.

Letting go a lover is easy to say but a very difficult emotion to deal with. There are memories we bind with a thread called commitment (with matrimony in our Indian tradition). PATNI tries to convey that when we let go someone, we let go a part of us too, we release the physicality of the relationship and enter into a spiritual bond which can be altered by none.
Remembering here the lyrics by #IrshadKamil from movie #Rockstar
“Ho mujh pe karam sarkar tera
Araj tujhe kar de mujhe
Mujhse hi riha”

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Gift of education

Give the gift of education to your children. Education of sciences, commerce, politics, sports, arts, music. Yes the whole package. Wholistic education should emphasise on learning not mugging. Teach them to visualise all of these. Teach them to be sincere. Just sending them to different schools and coachings is not enough. It is imporant to sit them down and look at all these subjects through their lens and facilitate them with the needed resources. It is not just about teaching them. Learn to Learn with them.
Expecting a school to do it all and putting up your hands in their intellectual development is completely unacceptable. Spending money will not educate them. But spending some time with them will definitely educate you to understand their choices.
Let them decide which of these gifts they want to keep and which one they would want to pass. Pick up signals from their choices and nurture and help them mould their skills.
You respect their choices,
They will respect your advices.
#BasBolDiya #examblues #jitteryparents #chilledOutChildren #unnecessaryStress #liveAndLetLive

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Lipstick Under My Burkha Movie Review



#LipstickUnderMyBurkha #review #moviereview
Ever since I read about the movie not getting clearance for Indian viewers, I was following it’s news. Kudos to Ekta Kapoor to take it up and bring this wonderful movie to the audience.
The story line is well balanced to depict different women of the society suppressing their desires due to societal pressures.
The desires are that of career, sex, freedom to dress, freedom to choose a life partner. In all it’s about freedom to be.

Everything else in the movie is as expected

I would like to add that the representation could be extended to not just oppressed women. Pointing fingers on smaller sections of societies was also not justified.

Even today when girls get married the so called ” ladke wale” do the regular questioning of ” Kitna Lagayenge ” (financial assessment) to the “ladki walas”, in all classes and cities (more prevalent in upper classes). Doesn’t end there. The woman getting pregnant means job insecurity, women with kids means lesser earning capacity, divorcee/widows/menstruating means exclusion from religious ceremonies and so on.

We women behave think and act a certain way not just because of oppression but also because We are Human. We need to be allowed to make mistakes and learn and move ahead. We have allowed men to make mistakes since ages and still put them in a higher pedestal above us. Then why would something like exploring one’s own sexuality (at any age) be a taboo or one’s decision of career, need to go through so much approval.

That’s exactly how it ended. Not being heavy with some preachy social message but just as it should:-

Continue Wearing Bold Reds – Burkha or No Burkha

My take:- Definitely Watch It. Splendid job by #RatnaPathakShah . Why hasn’t this lady ever got an award? or did she and I missed it. Let me google that bit while you watch this one.

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It does matter. Try harder.
My dear musician friends, dont lose hope so easily. When you are low, rant well but keep holding on to hope. Everyone is going through their share of upheavels, but giving up on life, cannot be your choice alone. There are so many out there who love you and need you. Reach out to them. Why waste it on something/someone that/who doesnt care.
Find a larger purpose in life besides money. We all need money but that can’t be the end. Keep a plan B ready and going.
Any life is precious. So many who want it but lose it due to illness and accidents. Then How Dare u just give it up. Someone needs you… badly. Your family, friends, fans, so many far off who dont know you but have a need of someone like you. They love you. We love you. I love you for the simple reason that you are born on this planet. Love yourself the most. Please dont give up so easily.

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Like share subscribe

For all negative posts, hate posts, we have so many people jumping in commenting crying foul but for their good work we have just few likes and shares. This is my observation over a period of time from fellow musicians’ posts where if they mention they are upset due to non payment they get about 100+ likes and 500 advices and 5000 shares (exaggerated) but if they post about their gigs or achievements there are hardly a dozen views.
Can we promote some love too. For every 1 rant 3 good things ( at least 1 to offset that pain)

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Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

IMG_9777.JPGतिमिर से प्रभा तक
परास्त से अजेय तक
क्षति से कीर्ति तक
विभत्स से अप्रतिम तक
मूक से सबल तक
रौद्र से क्षमा तक
भय से पौरुष तक
अचेत से सबल तक
विरक्ति से सानिध्य तक
मैं से तुम तक
हाथ थामे चलना



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A Death in the Gunj movie review

#Adeathinthegunj #konkonasensharma
My questions here are
1.What should someone do sitting the whole length of movie if they already guessed from the initial car scene that Shutu is the Dead in Gunj
2. If Shutu turns ghost, why does he not stay at the house after death and come all the way to the hospital to go back all the way.
3. If at all he had to be declared dead at the hospital, why didnt he fly back. I mean, do ghosts really need a car ride back home ( my primitive knowledge of ghosts in Vikram aur Vetal say ghosts can fly)
4. Would Konkona consider few scripts of my 9 year old who plays games like ‘Chudail-Chandali’ with her friends scripted impromptu by friends which has some unpredictable storylines.

Some very good actors – Vikrant Massey, Kalki Kochelin, Ranveer Shourie, Gulshan Devaiya, Jim Sarbh, Tilottama Shome, Tanuja, Om Puri- in a very predictable storyline. It is clearly mentioned from the beginning that the story is set in 1979 so please don’t expect a 2017 subject.

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