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Why this Kolaveri Di from the Tamil Movie 3

There have been many instances in the history of Indian cinema that unified us irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, region, color etc. like the unforgettable song ‘Man Tadapat hari Darshan Ko Aaj’ written by Shakeel Badayuni, composed by Naushad and sung by Mohd Rafi – all Muslims, but emoted so beautifully that till date the temples play this song or ‘Pal Pal Hai Bhari’, written by Javed Akhtar and performed by Shahrukh Khan that tells us about the good vs. evil through Ram Raavan. And now we have this Anthem ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ … Tamil-English(tanglish), Hindu-Hindi, Dosa-Samosa, any combination possible in this-country/that-country…this song is a rage. Its kind of crazy to see the viral effect the song had. It was so simple, ‘catchy and original’ as said by Amitabh Bachchan in his tweet.

I think it clicked because “the ‘Murderous Rage’ was so drunk that it could only humor itself.”

Only if everyone is blessed with such a rage in reality too, my hubby would have been a happily married man.

Take a look at my kids taking on the soupy slurrpy Kolaveri Di


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ROCKAPOOR – Movie Review of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar

I guess after Shahrukh Khan, it is indeed any and every movie of Ranbir Kapoor I can watch. All this while there was super criticism of Ra.1 but I just couldnt take my eyes off Shahrukh, so don’t know what people were badmouthing about. And now it is Ranbir Kapoor all the way I will be supporting, loving, ogling, jaw-dropping at.

Some personal facts that I would share:

  1. This was the first movie I ever watched alone in a movie hall and thought…”thank goodness I didn’t get others along.” They couldn’t have seen my love for Ranbir and I would have been disheartened by any negative remarks here.
  2. By the reviews and the Youtube videos of the songs I thought I would need need rolls of tissue as I am too touchy, but I kept wondering till the end what made Deepika Padukone or anyone else cry. Maybe a poorly narrated script.
  3. The initials ‘JJ’ are same as mine so I am calling myself JORDAN for now guys…have updated my FB profile name too…(may be till I see a Shahrukh Khan movie of another of Ranbirs) Has anyone seen such a crazy fan like me…

But just couple of doubts I had about this movie

  1. Why was this called ROCKSTAR? If it was because he had a desire to be a Rockstar, then from ‘desire’ angle he desired to be with his lady love more so it should have been named ‘Tumko Pa Hi Liya‘, ‘Besaleekha Ashiq‘ or ‘Naadan Parindey Ghar Aa Ja‘. This way they wouldn’t have had to write a title track for the movie …OR …If it was because the word ROCKSTAR being used multiple times then from multiple occurrence point of view it should be named ‘JANGLI JAWANI’.
  2. Do male guests really fantasize about the bride on the day of her marriage?
  3. Why do the directors make Ranbir cry at some or the other point in time, in all of his movies? Why don’t hey try to dig some more potential. (RANVIR on the other hand is a lucky-Vicky here amongst the current breeds who is experimenting.) Rockstar could have been made as a Happy Movie instead of desperately trying to be a sad one.
  4. Whatever happened to the pretty bollywood ladies? Why didnt Imtiaz Ali consider the current crop of talented girl-pool here. Well I guess I can answer this one. Nargis looks anorexic, bolemic, sick, tired, etc etc etc and the script demanded a sick woman towards the end of it where she did perfect justice to the role.Thank god we had Ranbir with her in all the frames(we didn’t have to close our eyes on her).

The ‘take home’ from the movie : I too made my list of all the ‘keedas’ in me….Oh common, you think I am going to make it public….U never know!

My Rating: *** on a scale of 5

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To Shammi Kapoor with love

My early memories of Shammi Kapoor dates back to ‘Badan Pe Sitare lapete hue’ or ‘Taaa…reef kaoon kya uski’ or ‘Tally ho’ or ‘Tum…sa nahi dekha’ or ‘O haseena zulfon wali’ and of course was the most famous ‘Yahoo’, in ‘Chitrahaar’ (a weekly TV show on bollywood songs). The song I saw was in black and white but the thing to remember was the way Shammi would crane his neck and arch his body and pout his lips and blow his locks falling on his forehead.  During my selection process in Zee TV’s Antakshari, I sang the song ‘Isharon Isharon me’. I didn’t win though but while preparing for the song I first time watched Shammi Kapoor’s antics so carefully and probably emoted my reactions to it, that made the show director select me for the opening round of that season way back in ’93. He truly was the lover boy of that era who made ‘club nights’ so raving with his jumping around.

It was just yesterday that I read in the papers of him being admitted to the hospital and also about his medical conditions. It is sad that this free spirited, effervescent actor, also known as the Bollwood’s ‘Elvis Presley’ lays still today. My heartfelt condolences to this star of yesteryear. Till date this line holds true – ‘Tumsa nahi Dekha‘.

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Chillar Party movie review

Aarela hai apun, bole to kan khol ke sun……….Chandan Nagar ke Chaudah(14) Chillaron ki Chaddi party ne bole to Chaap dala…..ha ha ha. The web site gave credits only to 11 of them – Fatka, Bhidu, Encylopedia, Akram, Jangya, Aflatoon, Secondhand, Panauti, Silencer, Toothpaste, Shaolin. I would also add my favorites -Googly, Pakau Uncle, RANBIR KAPOOOOOOR (thanks to the TOI article in the morning that I waited till all credits rolled up to see his item number Tai Tai Phish)

Initially when my kids were planning to spend the Sunday with the Chillar Party, I wasn’t too keen and tried talking them out by saying…rating is only 2 stars (made up on my own), Lets go for ‘Buddha hoga tera Baap‘, we also saw Amitabh shooting for that movie (as if the camera covered us in the frame), I will not come if it is Chillar Party…..But the kids stuck to their guns. Even the tiny tot, who had a temperature jumped up at the idea of a kids movie and said “you go for your movie, dad will take us for Chillar Party”. Grunt grunt, snort snort was the sound I made and picked up a paper to actually check the ratings and much to my surprise it was 6 stars (With ‘Buddha Hoga…’ at 4*). 6 stars? How long has that been since a Bollywood star gave that kind of a hit. I have to watch this movie I thought and resumed my kitchen work. Finally after having our lunch when started getting ready I said, the little one is sick and might need me in the hall (my way of getting in to the gang). Left for the 3pm show at Fame adlabs. The ‘House Full’ board did not dampen my spirits and we shifted to the nearby Cinemax for a 5pm show.

Believe you me, from the start to finish, I was laughing and laughing and laughing and Prashant kept teasing “A 2* rating movie (remember the rating I cooked up) can give you so much pleasure?” None of the kids were shown as out of the world entities doing a flying scene or something. They all were the boys next door, from decent families, whose parents fretted over the bad company they kept and the foul language they picked up, kids who had their gang time in the evening to play and plot (the ‘Tatti’ on the car….’yuk yuk yuk but made me roll over with laughter and fall from my seat’) and also used their flaws judiciously (panauti wishing Bhide victory). Especially the last portion in the TV channel debate where the kids simply read out lines from their ‘Value Education’ text book (Even my 5 yr old understood those arguments). I kept remembering the lines from Hrishida’s movie Bawarchi “It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple”. Hats off to writer-directors, Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari for keeping the ‘simplicity hat’ on while scripting the story.

The paedo version of ‘Slut Walk of Chicago’ will definitely see the following trends catch up:

  1. Chillar party Birthday Themes
  2. Chillar party nick names given to all junior groups – in societies, in schools and colleges, in joint families, in corporate gossip room (I have nick named my kids CP 🙂 )
  3. Public Protests ‘without any shame’ called Chaddhi March (remember the proposed skimpily clad slut walk in Delhi this June was renamed ‘besharmi morcha’ fearing opposition and the dress code too was toned down).

Anna and Baba — need some pointers ?

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Movie Review-Kung Fu Panda 2

How could someone even think of giving such negative shades to such a beautiful looking bird-A peacock as the antagonist. But Shen was no match to Tai Lung who looked vicious. But the peacock shows some really cool moves, especially the way he tucks his one hand into the other while the sleeves fall over them slowly. Even the way his tail moves when he is fighting his arch enemies is quite commendable.

This movie is Jack Black all the way. There is so much to narrate in part 2. There is Shen the peacock, his mom and dad, his forecast of being killed by something black and white, he killing the Pandas and then leaving his home, his parents dying, he taking up task of making a deadly weapon, Po trying to attain inner peace, he then in search of his origin, in argument with the Tigress, fighting the wolves, getting into Shen’s den, finding inner peace, fighting back Shen, two new characters the croc and the ox(I still don’t see why),phew! Others hardly have any significant role to play except for the tigress. I don’t remember seeing the monkey at all except for once when he caws. But PO is definetly funnier and focussed than before. Though the 3D was a bit distracting but the landscapes are beautiful.

Now I am out in search of my inner peace. You go and watch it for sure.

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Movie Review-Dil To bacha Hai Ji

I heard so much of criticism about it that I was very keen to see how much I would dislike it. But you know what, I could so easily relate to this. The story is so ‘close/similar’ to my own.
‘Naren-Abby-Milind, Films-Cricket- Shaadiyan, Any Time Mohabbat(ATM), Fun- Flirting- F**** of ABBY,Pyar- Party-Polaroid, Pyar-Shaadi-Family, Films-Bada Parda-Glamour all in sets of 3- just like my three little girls.
Milind writes ‘Facebook and Twitter , kuch nahi hai tere pyar se badhkar’ and Abby picks on his girls from their ‘FB status messages’. In short they too use social media to earn their bread and butter-just like me.
Even the first shot of Gungun’s office-‘Samarth Vaibhav Complex’-so close to my place.
Hello! How else did you think my life would have been similar to the movie?
I think I liked the movie even though the story line was so predictable. The chemistry to watch is that of Ajay and Emraan’s after their ‘Once Upon a Time’ together.
Bacha Banke Dekho to Achcha Hai!!!

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wo kaagaz kii kashtii, wo barish ka pani

Missing the crazy days called teens when it was so easy to scale the miles in IIT campus jogging, belt out the numbers from pt. bhimsen joshi to whitney houston, dance away to glory to Michael jackson and ila arun , travel from home to work to evening college to back home and still ready to go out for a night out, play endlessly with the ‘mohalla’ kids.””magar mujhko lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan, vo kaagaz kii kashtii, wo barish ka pani””……gosh my throat aches after every ‘baithak’, knee hurts after every rehearsal, ‘jogging’…..what’s that , “char bajne wale hai party abhi baki hai” days are gone and I sing…”so jao jaldi bachcho subah school tumhe jana hai”……….

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Lady Emran – 3.5 cheers !!!

(this post took off from some parts posted by me on my FB on 26th jul)

Ever wondered who is the lady Emran Hashmi of Bollywood? Kareena Kapoor…. She has kissed all leading heros from ‘Jab We Met’ onwards….Soha and Prachi refused to kiss Emran – who would refuse Bebo for a lip-lock.

Just saw 3-Idiots when this thought came to my mind. The movie was good but I thought the book was better. The whole idea of giving all the best things about the 3 friends from the book into one guy ‘Ranchod Das’ in the movie was not justice done to the author who otherwise too got a ‘blink and miss’ credit for the movie. Amir is both macho and intelligent unlike the main protagonist in the book who is heavy and the character parallel to Madhavan’s is macho and happening in the college campus. The whole idea of reducing Madhavan to a side actor was not so good, He is a superb actor and would have carried off the actual character so well. Though I am still wondering why Madhavan has raised his price, as reported by some page 3 reporters, after this movie – he was shown in such poor light.

In fact the book 5 point someone reminds me of my chilhood life spent in the campus. The description of the Institute building, passage leading to the terrace/hideout, the top floor from where the poor boy jumps off were all so graphical and close to reality, though Chetan’s description was of IIT Delhi campus whereas I spent my early days in IIT Kanpur.

IIT Kanpur Faculty Building


But my all time favorite kapoor kiss is the one in Raja-Hindustani. A typical Bollywood masala movie where the ameer ladki meets the garib cab driver, the bollywood signature rain song with a white dress, one single tree in the whole location, and of-course the then-so-hot-and-happening Karishma Kapoor’s first on screen kiss with the then-so-popular-chocolate-boy Amir Khan. To top it up, we were in college so were all so gung-ho about the movie.

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