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No matter how old I be I will always be a kid for you – Happy Mother’s Day

“Wake up beta, its 5.30, look at your sister and brother. They have both finished their bath and puja. Your sister is even helping me out with the morning chores. I don’t want you to help me. Just help yourself by being more responsible for your own things. What will your in-laws say if you sleep for so long in the morning. You will have so many responsibilities when you grow up. You should be getting up at least by 3.30 in the morning, ideal time for students to study peacefully. Please get up and get going”

This is how my morning alarm would sound every morning all through the years I was with my parents. Even during the breaks I took from my hostel during vacations. Nothing would deter me from snoozing this alarm to ring after 1/2 till it was really late.

My mom has always been my punch bag, even till now. Then Amma and now pati (maternal grandmother in tamil)- because that’s what she is to my kids now, this woman has been a silent bearer of all my tantrums, eccentricities and erratic behaviour during my growing up days, but never lost her calm or raised her voice. Everything I chose to do or not to do for that matter, she never imposed her opinions on me. I was free to choose and reject anything in any walk of life. If she found something wrong she would just point it but leave it to my decision. My hobbies, career decisions were all mine always and she would never say a word against any thing.

In fact recently when I joined this Guitar Lessons, while everyone around while was supportive but also was questioning why would I spend time on something like this at this age when my kids should be learning all this and I should just sit back and watch, she said, “If you learn properly your teacher might also take you along for performances. Don’t forget to  send me your show passes”. Mwah Mwah for that.

She has pampered all three of us (me and my siblings) only to the extent that was required. Today I am what I am because of her. All credits to my confidence and talent is because of her. I am uninhibited and liberated because I was brought up by her that way.

“Wake up, its 7.30. The bus should be here in any moment. I am not going to drop you to school if you miss it. See your sisters are up and about. You will have so much to study in few years to come. You should be getting up at least by 5.30 in the morning, an ideal time to study for students. Get up and Get going.”

This is the morning alarm for my eldest one….only to be snoozed for 30  more seconds….Life comes a full circle you see. Happy Mother’s Day mom.


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Two to Tango

CAN U BE IN LOVE WITH 2 THINGS, WITH THE SAME INTENSITY??? I have been asking myself this for sometime now. I am not just talking about people here. I am also talking about the choices, the vices, the passion, the dream, the aspirations, the values, the systems. And above all I am talking about myself being in love with two.

I can and I am in love with two (just realized though) all the time, in all walks of life. Here’s the HOW of it.

There is this child in me -young, vibrant, confused, erring, laughing- that easily connects to every child around at their level and, at the same time, there is this focused and disciplined self, reaching out for the like minded, head above the shoulders, intelligent, intellectual, aware, learned individuals.  My connect with such crowd could be possible because of my voracious appetite to learn and learn and learn more. And who could be a better teacher than a child who always teaches you to forget and the ‘grey in experience’ who teaches you to forgive.There is one drawback here though – I hardly have friends in my age group. Probably because I feel I am neither giving nor receiving anything. I can’t stay stagnant.

There’s a lonely, quiet, secluded, carefully guarded, enigmatic self of mine that I would never want to show and then there is this outrageously extrovert other half – some call it ‘Bindaas’- which surprises me too many a times. May be because I fear none else but myself.

There is a cut throat, shrewd, opportunist business woman in me who also is diligent and dutiful homemaker. Now could be because of my totally down to earth and middle class upbringing coupled with the higher education I pursued.

Also there is this high aspiration, larger than life, designer lifestyle, beyond budget spender (all credits to my hubby Prashant for spoiling me rotten) living besides a philanthropist who strongly believe in ‘give what is right and not what is left‘ (I still need truck loads of gold biscuits to keep a lot and give away some).

I am tech junkie with an eye for strategy, and have just started strumming Guitar (credit my genes as my dad used to play and my teachers Soordas Powale who initiated the interest and Chandresh Kudwa who kept it going) while I sing along to unwind. Both of them give me the same high emotionally.

There is this fitness freak in me (current credits for keeping me so motivated goes to my trainer Umesh at Elixir)  which keeps me active and agile and also this La-Z-boy Recliner Lover, Anytime-PaniPuri Time believer who doesn’t mind munching any and everything at any hour in the day/night.

I also have this typical Harmonium with Guitar symphonies making rounds on my mind, a Prabha Atre Jamming with Roxette kinda feel in my heart all the time (probably thats why I love MTV coke studio so much).

I do have the grace of a Madhuri Dixit (who I think dances more with her eyes and smile, of course her body too is so supple), the cheap jahtka matkas of a Munni, the dirty dancing Swayze moves and the Akshay Kumar’s trademark footwork. I have not dabbled with Ballroom dance yet but I know I will be damn good at it. And what more could have I asked for. I found Tai – grace personified Smt.Nutan Patwardhan of Avartan School of Kathak. She has held my hand like that of a baby’s and is the guiding force behind this graceful dance-form. Strict disciplinarian she is and lays great emphasis on the sophistication of the form in in every way be it nazar or nazakat or kalaai or bhaav. She herself is extremely hardworking and energetic and makes me look forward to meeting her almost everyday.

While there is a fanatic Hindu/Tambram/Indian in me, at the same time I have a liberal open-to-all-cultures/languages/traditions/customs attitude too. That maybe because I am a Tambram, born in UP, married to a Paranjape/Jain hybrid, settled in Mumbai – a city which welcomes and breeds people from so many regions with open arms.In fact I keep my Navarathri golu perfectly Tambram style and also dance away to glory at Mata ki Chowki at friends’ place.

While thinking about it more deeply and trying to justify the ‘WHY‘ of my ‘two‘ loves, I guess each of them has created a certain void, which the other one fulfills to the core. I don’t think I can do without either of them. They are both the life and blood in me. One grounds me and the other releases me, one holds me closer in fear and the other thrills me down the hill with a Bungee fall, one keeps me warm with cuddles and hugs and  the other that drenches and quenches my thirst with cold showers, one has never bound me and one that has never left me. There are these starkly opposite selves of mine which have luckily found its loves and fulfillment. And I am totally, madly, deeply in love with them because it is more of spiritual connect than anything else.

Sorry for letting u all down here folks – I have just one Gharwala and I bet you all thought I will be talking of the ‘Baharwala’.

PS: Special mention of my Brother In Law Badrinath of Apple Tree for clicking this amazing picture specially for my post..Thank u so very much….


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Vande Mataram!!!

In childhood I used to look forward to this day for the apples and biscuits distributed in my school besides performing various patriotic song and dance items. As I grew up, we had flag hoisting in the nearby areas with some elderly person/s reminiscing their experiences during the freedom struggle. Now I am a mother and I take my kids around for various celebrations in the building and the surroundings. Today someone asked why do you gather this day, and I looked at my daughter for an answer and she promptly said ‘because we want to pay respect to our country’s martyrs as they freed us from the British Rule.’

Then suddenly I thought, 64yrs now (36yrs from my birth) and I am still enjoying the freedom from the British Raaj. but am I really free? Am I free from the roving eyes of the lecherous men, am I free of the thought of the safety of my little ones because their gender (look froward to voicing my opinion in the Mumbai slut walk), am I free from the thought that some corrupt neta is pocketing my hard earned money in one of his foreign accounts (plan to fast for at least a day with Anna Hazare to show my solidarity), am I free of the fear of another bomb planted somewhere in the vicinity of my near and dear ones (am soon enrolling myself for combat training), am I free of the thought that this S&P’s downgrading U.S. debt from AAA to AA+ would not affect India so much (will try to hold on the larger expenses planned and probably shift my plans of buying a home to next 10 yrs), am I free of the thought of some natural calamity hitting India besides the political and communal ones (god forbids!!!). It’s my needs in my life that defines my freedom. The more I need of the day to day life, the more I expect from my husband, my kids, my near and dear ones, my company, my community, the leaders, the countries and end up blaming all people around for my failure.

For my kids, do they even look at these things? Freedom for my little ones is to be able to play some hours more like the older kids in the building, my not telling them to follow their timetable after coming home from the school, to be able to remove anything from anywhere from the house and leave them where ever, to shout and jump on the bed and sofas in the house, to watch TV and play games for as long as they want, to order Domino’s Pizzas and Pastas everyday. For them freedom is freedom from their MOM. I am equivalent to the British Raaj who rations and regulates the whats, the wheres, the whens, the whos the whys, the whichs, the hows of their life. Till they are not exposed to the harsh realities of life I am happy being their mother (of all problems).

Vande Mataram!!! Vande Mataram !!!

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QRing around

Just read about Publix FB page getting a 100 friend request a minute. Really? With technology moving so fast, Where are we heading to guys? Its Backwards I guess. The world is really shrinking to fit – your muthi with barter system like scenario and very soon ‘as in the Ramayan Mahabharath era‘ – in your mind. LBS apps like foursquare in a smartphone not only locates the nearest store with an attractive deal but also guides you with the driving directions. Every developer is posed with a challenge to create not just an online portal but also a smartphone compatible app parallelly. 2 dimensional QR codes to decode data at high speeds, Data Feeds and Online Concierge are the daily fibres one chews up, to keep their connectivity system in order.

Que Sera Sera What ever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see Que Sera Sera.

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I am a digital celebrity

I am your scrambled eggs with morning tea

I am the photos and news updates junkie

I reciprocate every query

Have at least 10 friends requests a day in my kitty

The brand speaks through me

and I speak for thee

I create,populate, communicate with their community

on blog, twitter, buzz, linkedin, forums and FB

All the people wanna-know, how much I get of posting so frequently?

Now I know for sure, I have arrived, I am a digital celebrity

Now I am looking for a rapper to belt this out for me

I am a digital celebrity, I am a digital celebrity



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The Bug, the Bully, the Belly and the Mumbai Blast


For past one month, we have been struggling with a bug and a bully.

After I finished my summer classes for kids, I realized that the sofa in my drawing room started biting me every time I sat over it. I turned over the cushion to realize a tiny little black bug with fresh blood in its belly. Instantly I called for a pest expert to cross verify my fears. Yes they were the scariest of all pests- the ‘Bed Bug’ and they gave me sleepless nights, the nights after till they were sprayed and done with. Luckily the thing had not spread around and pest control service eradicated the bug using a mere handheld herbal spray and…. my life bounced back to normal (and we still wondering who got this pest in my house).

The bully in my daughter’s class was another reason for our worry. The big bellied boy’s punching and kicking my kid and other fellow classmates just for pleasure, shocked us to the core. We told our kid to refrain from any kind of interaction with him and even stay inside the class during her recess to avoid any further trauma. But this did not deter him and he went into her class in the recess to punch her only to be caught red handed by the class teacher. When the school authorities instructed him to stay away from her, he beat her up in the bus, with his elder sister protecting him from any retaliation from her side. The bus company was instructed to separate the kids but the boy directed his friend to continue with the bullying in his absence. We took many measures parallelly to help her fight fear. I started accompanying her to school. We also informed his friend’s mom to break her son’s association with this bully. My daughter’s class teacher kept her in the classroom in the recess to make her feel secure. We watched her slowly bounce back to normal school routine with everyone supporting her from all sides (and we still wondering what were the parents of that bully doing all this while).

What binds the bug and bully stories above is the fact that

One -You must have thought I was to write about the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ too. Well I am yet to watch that and will soon feature it in my movie review section.

Two– This is not my pest control or bully management diary though I will soon pen down the measures to fight these tiny terrorists.

Three– We were wondering about the origin of the bugs to be careful about the bug donors and sanitize the house whenever we meet them next, and we were wondering about the parents of the bully to know whether they are aware of the monster living in their house or they are just thinking that this will just pass.

Four– There is hardly any difference between these little terrorists that gave me some sleepless time and the  larger society bugs and bullies who use ‘Power Play’, time and again to keep the fear of their power alive. We had been observing that for the past 2 weeks there were quite a lot of check posts all throughout Mumbai roads to identify suspects. Probably the actual plan of the terror group was larger than the one executed on the 13th of July when 3 blasts in the span of 25 minutes ripped through rush hour crowds on Wednesday evening in Mumbai, shaking the belief of the people in the system again, probably the people were thinking that the government will move its magic wand and woosh!!! –  kill all the terrorists in a jiffy, probably the plan was to send out the message that even kids will not be spared as the 2nd of the 3 bombs  was at a bus stop near St Antonio High School in Dadar, probably they were assuring Kasab that they are still with him, probably they thought we had forgotten them and came to remind us that we are still as vulnerable and unprepared for such a disaster as we were three years ago, probably they just came to make a mockery at the tall claims made by the politicians that we are better equipped now, probably they just came again year after year to implement their training and attain higher ranks in their terror groups, probably they were sending messages to other countries through us that they can take on them too the same way they did us, probably they were telling us that they can any day go under the nose of the officials unnoticed, probably they mocked at us that our lives for them was as good as vegetables (read gajar,  muli) and could be chewed and spewed on the streets as and when they want and we, like always, would bounce back.

Five– I am wondering why did I not spray the bug to death and slap the bully myself?











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I hit ‘like’ on FB to

I hit ‘like’ on FB to say, I have read the message, I saw the photo, thanks for commenting on my post, I am still your friend and follow u wherever you go (like the vodafone puppy), I am your fan, I am going to do the same soon, congratulations, I am so jealous but still I will not show it, It touched me, and finally I reeeeeally liked it…..why do people hit the ‘like’ button?

A short survey of ‘why do you hit the like button on FB’ conducted on my friends revealed that it all depends on the purpose of your Facebook page. Some use their FB account to connect to friends, some use it to showcase their talent, some use it as a photocase book, some use it to connect to like minded people, some are just there because their friends and relatives are there and some are there to see what others are doing.


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