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I am a digital celebrity

I am your scrambled eggs with morning tea

I am the photos and news updates junkie

I reciprocate every query

Have at least 10 friends requests a day in my kitty

The brand speaks through me

and I speak for thee

I create,populate, communicate with their community

on blog, twitter, buzz, linkedin, forums and FB

All the people wanna-know, how much I get of posting so frequently?

Now I know for sure, I have arrived, I am a digital celebrity

Now I am looking for a rapper to belt this out for me

I am a digital celebrity, I am a digital celebrity



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With the onset of monsoons, the wanderer in me has started stepping out in the slushy,┬á slippery, slimy, lichen-y, squishy-sqaushy roads with bumpy cars slinging mud on my egg-pack-washed, papaya-scrubbed, trying-hard-to-glow face. My red-as-blood, monsoon-roadside-shopped, floral-peep-toes are all the more happy to tag along and get their own mud pack, as I flip flop about this city to smell the fresh-wet-mud, singing my kids’ nursery rhymes ‘rain rain go away…’, not meaning it though.

I have never liked to get wet in the rains, though I love the idea of being in water for swimming, never-tried-before scuba diving and water skiing. But rains are always welcome as they bring fresh lease of life to the otherwise dirty looking plants around, which makes the surroundings of this dry-concrete-city look like some gardener-curated-botanical greens.Since I too boast of a green thumb and have brought to life many of the otherwise dying plants, I love and loathe greenery around and miss my childhood home that had trees with ready-to be-pickled mango, gender-specific-pomegranate (never knew till we crossed a ,male and a female to have fruits hanging), divinely-herbally-scientifically useful neem, bright-as-sun lemons, monkey’s-favorite-breakfast guavas (believe me when I say they came everyday with their family members for a morning swing).

It is green everywhere around as if I have walked in to the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s Emerald city, minus the green glasses because as a matter of factly, there is no city greener than this city right now. And this time around I am not talking of my native place, or my current city right. It’s the new destination I have found to park my updates and connect with friends and family and of course network, besides the current Facebook Fanpage. Didn’t get it? It’s Google Plus (initially named the Emerald City/Emerald Sea). Yes!!! AskJayaa is now at Google Plus with the latest updates.

My take on Google +

  1. I am still wandering about in Circles. Great advantage as now I can have my professional connections added at the same place as my personal ones and not be worried about my privacy.But I still need some way to use ‘except for..’ in my circles.
  2. Want to Hangout with connections but am waiting for sufficient numbers join in to experiment the text/audio/video chats (probably that’s why they launched the Facebook-Skype connection).
  3. Still wondering whether I should keep updating FB Fanpage or migrate to G+ totally though I am continuing with both till all my friends, fans, network connections are available in G+. But what about business accounts/pages? Heard they are testing that with companies like Ford and NPR News.
  4. LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook Groups effect- Packed in one….Do I need the others anymore? Well yes till it is also a more ‘business account’ friendly. Besides circles probably they should also add profile customization for each circle because my running a summer camp for 3rd graders would definitely deter my prospects of being a corporate blogger for an LBS app development company.
  5. I am yet to acquire my Android so you’ll have to wait on my take on that.
  6. But I just got out of Blogger (to wordpress) and Orkut (to Facebook and now to G+) and hope this would not affect my rankings in anyway as they are all Google affiliates though I still am active with Docs, Maps and Picasa.
  7. I especially loved their ‘data liberation‘ that allows me to download my uploads. In FB I was mostly uploading directly through my mobile and would simply get irritated about not being able to download back the ‘mobile uploads’ in one go.
  8. The funny part is I am still ‘’ and not for the G+ login account.

Let me know if someone needs an invite there. ­čÖé


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I hit ‘like’ on FB to

I┬áhit ‘like’ on FB to say, I have read the message, I saw the photo, thanks for commenting on my post, I am still your friend and follow u wherever you go (like the vodafone puppy), I am your fan, I am going to do the same soon, congratulations, I am so jealous but still I will not show it, It touched me, and finally I reeeeeally liked it…..why do people hit the ‘like’ button?

A short survey of ‘why do you hit the like button on FB’ conducted on my friends revealed that it all depends on the purpose of your Facebook page. Some use their FB account to connect to friends, some use it to showcase their talent, some use it as a photocase book, some use it to connect to like minded people, some are just there because their friends and relatives are there and┬ásome are there to see what others are doing.


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Didn’t bother to change the standard wordpress first blog title. Well, I am just back from a webinar Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies by Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes. Loved the Linkedin part a lot and implemented some. Also was toying with to be or not to be on WordPress and they got me out of the situation so….Here I am with wordpress. I guess its never too late. So watch this space on Social Media Strategies. I am also there at and

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