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QRing around

Just read about Publix FB page getting a 100 friend request a minute. Really? With technology moving so fast, Where are we heading to guys? Its Backwards I guess. The world is really shrinking to fit – your muthi with barter system like scenario and very soon ‘as in the Ramayan Mahabharath era‘ – in your mind. LBS apps like foursquare in a smartphone not only locates the nearest store with an attractive deal but also guides you with the driving directions. Every developer is posed with a challenge to create not just an online portal but also a smartphone compatible app parallelly. 2 dimensional QR codes to decode data at high speeds, Data Feeds and Online Concierge are the daily fibres one chews up, to keep their connectivity system in order.

Que Sera Sera What ever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see Que Sera Sera.

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With the onset of monsoons, the wanderer in me has started stepping out in the slushy,┬á slippery, slimy, lichen-y, squishy-sqaushy roads with bumpy cars slinging mud on my egg-pack-washed, papaya-scrubbed, trying-hard-to-glow face. My red-as-blood, monsoon-roadside-shopped, floral-peep-toes are all the more happy to tag along and get their own mud pack, as I flip flop about this city to smell the fresh-wet-mud, singing my kids’ nursery rhymes ‘rain rain go away…’, not meaning it though.

I have never liked to get wet in the rains, though I love the idea of being in water for swimming, never-tried-before scuba diving and water skiing. But rains are always welcome as they bring fresh lease of life to the otherwise dirty looking plants around, which makes the surroundings of this dry-concrete-city look like some gardener-curated-botanical greens.Since I too boast of a green thumb and have brought to life many of the otherwise dying plants, I love and loathe greenery around and miss my childhood home that had trees with ready-to be-pickled mango, gender-specific-pomegranate (never knew till we crossed a ,male and a female to have fruits hanging), divinely-herbally-scientifically useful neem, bright-as-sun lemons, monkey’s-favorite-breakfast guavas (believe me when I say they came everyday with their family members for a morning swing).

It is green everywhere around as if I have walked in to the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s Emerald city, minus the green glasses because as a matter of factly, there is no city greener than this city right now. And this time around I am not talking of my native place, or my current city right. It’s the new destination I have found to park my updates and connect with friends and family and of course network, besides the current Facebook Fanpage. Didn’t get it? It’s Google Plus (initially named the Emerald City/Emerald Sea). Yes!!! AskJayaa is now at Google Plus with the latest updates.

My take on Google +

  1. I am still wandering about in Circles. Great advantage as now I can have my professional connections added at the same place as my personal ones and not be worried about my privacy.But I still need some way to use ‘except for..’ in my circles.
  2. Want to Hangout with connections but am waiting for sufficient numbers join in to experiment the text/audio/video chats (probably that’s why they launched the Facebook-Skype connection).
  3. Still wondering whether I should keep updating FB Fanpage or migrate to G+ totally though I am continuing with both till all my friends, fans, network connections are available in G+. But what about business accounts/pages? Heard they are testing that with companies like Ford and NPR News.
  4. LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook Groups effect- Packed in one….Do I need the others anymore? Well yes till it is also a more ‘business account’ friendly. Besides circles probably they should also add profile customization for each circle because my running a summer camp for 3rd graders would definitely deter my prospects of being a corporate blogger for an LBS app development company.
  5. I am yet to acquire my Android so you’ll have to wait on my take on that.
  6. But I just got out of Blogger (to wordpress) and Orkut (to Facebook and now to G+) and hope this would not affect my rankings in anyway as they are all Google affiliates though I still am active with Docs, Maps and Picasa.
  7. I especially loved their ‘data liberation‘ that allows me to download my uploads. In FB I was mostly uploading directly through my mobile and would simply get irritated about not being able to download back the ‘mobile uploads’ in one go.
  8. The funny part is I am still ‘’ and not for the G+ login account.

Let me know if someone needs an invite there. ­čÖé


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I hit ‘like’ on FB to

I┬áhit ‘like’ on FB to say, I have read the message, I saw the photo, thanks for commenting on my post, I am still your friend and follow u wherever you go (like the vodafone puppy), I am your fan, I am going to do the same soon, congratulations, I am so jealous but still I will not show it, It touched me, and finally I reeeeeally liked it…..why do people hit the ‘like’ button?

A short survey of ‘why do you hit the like button on FB’ conducted on my friends revealed that it all depends on the purpose of your Facebook page. Some use their FB account to connect to friends, some use it to showcase their talent, some use it as a photocase book, some use it to connect to like minded people, some are just there because their friends and relatives are there and┬ásome are there to see what others are doing.


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Running a successful e-mail campaign for Educational Institutions

I had a very small stint with SPJain Institute’s BCIDS program and being directly responsible for the online marketing activities, there were a lot of observation. During my discussions with my ex-college alumni team Jaipuria Institute of Management, one of the professors suggested that I should be sharing my learning points through my blog so this post.

We achieved a great response through our online social media and other ATL, BTL, offline activities. Here I am sharing some key points for running a successful e-mail campaign for educational institutions.

As a part of direct marketing, electronic mails are used as a means of communication for commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. Every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing. This would include:

  1. Sending e-mails to strengthen relationship with existing customers of existing product/service, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business
  2. Sending e-mails with to acquire new customers or convincing current customers to purchase a newly launched product/service.
  3. Adding advertisements to e-mails sent by other companies to their customers, and
  4. Sending e-mails over the Internet, as e-mail did and does exist outside the Internet (e.g., network e-mail and FIDO).

If we take the above and extrapolate over the educational institutions it can be rewritten as:

  1. Sending mails to the alumni and existing students who have already experienced the teaching standards and hence can act as:
    1. the ambassadors to spread the word about the institute
    2. generate further job opportunities(in case of alumnis who can absorb the current and future students in their current organisations)
    3. Advice on improvisation of the existing system-alumni feedback to improve employability and existing student feedback based on the job interviews to assess their market readiness.
  2. Sending e-mails to new students-tapping unexplored markets and running an email campaign to attract them by citing the placement status for the current and previous batches and the companies in the pipeline which are expected to come in the near future.
  3. Tie up with sister concers of your organisation and advertise your features in their outbound mails eg. you can append at the bottom of each outgoing mail the latest on admissions/placement and add a link to your website/facebook/twitter/blog for them to follow.
  4. Any internal communication to your employees/students within your private network too should have campaigns appended at the bottom.

The points to be kept in mind before starting an email campaign is:

  1. Spam check your mail address. A good ESP(Email service provider) can ensure that you could pass through all the spam filters and land in the inbox.
  2. The mail should have an impactful subject line which says it all. In just limited subject line one should aim at generating inquisitiveness about the content presented inside the mail. Not all readers open these sort of marketing emails. Hence it is extremely important to attract the attention through the subject line itself. The worst thing woul dbe that you get into the inbox but never got opened.
  3. Content:-The basic underlining factor to be remembered for any social media marketing system is to ‘create conversations’. Hence the content is the most important aspect. Whether the campaign aims at consolidating on the existing student base or aimed at tapping a newer prospect, the content should be brief and to the point and not beat around the bush for long. e.g. If it is aimed at the alumnus, there should be a touch of emotions to revive and rekindle the memorable times they spent at the campus and not only aim at generating job opportunities for the batches being churned out, but also seeking advice on the ways to imporvise upon the processess to create employable, market ready students. If the mail is aimed at new students, it should have information on the past and current placement scenario, reviews of students and industry experts on the past and existing batches and the teaching standards.
  4. Create content in both HTML and text formats as some would not have the HTML capability in their email softwares.
  5. Social Media Links- Links to website, facebook groups and fanpages, twitter account, student and campus blogs and any other important link should be put multiple times as it will help increase the click through rate from your message. According to the facebook statistics in India shows that the majority of its Indian users come under the 18-24 age bracket which is around 47%. And since this is the target group of the Higher Education institutes, they should ensure that there is relevant content available on these pages where the links are pointing.
  6. Mailing list is also very crucial. Profiling of the target audience based on their age, courses interested, preferred centres (if you are running the course at multiple locations) can be done by a good ESP and the e-mails content, subject line and other information can be sent modified based on these informations.
  7. Trial run-Test the mail campaign on 10% of your target group with 2-3 different subject lines/images/content/anything of your choice and gather the reviews . Within 24-48 hrs you will get to know which subject line got majority open rate. The remaining 90% can be sent the most successful e-mail.There are two very important things to be kept in mind at this point in time.
    1. What was the conversion rate? Were there any inquiries?What was the difference between those who came on the basis of email campaign and otherwise(your control group to whom you did not send anything)?
    2. Ensure that you take an opt-in form that takes permission from the receiver before the campaign starts. This is essential for the reason that it doesn’t upset those people who have not requested for the information and also that in some countries there are laws regarding sending unwarranted emails to addresses and not doing opt-ins is breaking the law. Double opt-ins can protect you from being accused of spamming. Keep the option “signup for newsletters/latest information” in your Facebook,websites, blogs etc for the mail list to be segregated into 2 different categories for the ease of prioritizing your mailing list.

Researchers estimate that United States firms alone spent US $400 million on e-mail marketing in 2006.

By following the above mentioned tips you can be sure to get the needed response. Never forget to take stock of things at every step.

I will always help. All the best!

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Ramayan/Mahabharat era revisited.

(posted on FB on 26th jul)
The next innovation waiting fr realisation- chip embedd in the human brain…connect to anyone and everyone…anytime…anywhere

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