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QRing around

Just read about Publix FB page getting a 100 friend request a minute. Really? With technology moving so fast, Where are we heading to guys? Its Backwards I guess. The world is really shrinking to fit – your muthi with barter system like scenario and very soon ‘as in the Ramayan Mahabharath era‘ – in your mind. LBS apps like foursquare in a smartphone not only locates the nearest store with an attractive deal but also guides you with the driving directions. Every developer is posed with a challenge to create not just an online portal but also a smartphone compatible app parallelly. 2 dimensional QR codes to decode data at high speeds, Data Feeds and Online Concierge are the daily fibres one chews up, to keep their connectivity system in order.

Que Sera Sera What ever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see Que Sera Sera.

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Tsunami in Japan

While I was leaving for the club 3 days back with my girls one of them sneezed and my husband called out from behind, both being the signs of ‘apshagun’ – bad omen as per Indian sensibilities but signs for me that something is going to go bad. I prayed all the way that let it not be on my kids and whatever happens to me be really gentle. Went in for a quick shower just before my swim and as I stepped out I zoomed straight on my back. “Mamma” cried my girls. “Are you alright?” asked one. Luckily I could stand back. Thank god I read the sign and prayed all the way.

My mom always says ‘Que Sera Sera-Whatever will be will be’. But your prayers will reduce the intensity of the bad and increase that of the good.

The question here is, was this Tsunami in Japan, a country with 64% aging population , hit by the most powerful earthquake (8.9-magnitude) with epicenterĀ  of Friday’s main quake located off Miyagi Prefecture, about 230 miles (370 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo, destined to be. The death toll is expected to be over 10,000 with 2000 found on two shores in Miyagi Prefecture.

Even a little prayer from each one of us would add up to heightened positive vibrations to a country which is reeling overĀ  this catastrophe.Lets tweet with #prayforjapan and show our solidarity in this hour of despair. I just did. (

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