Karvachauth – Stree Ujagar Kar – Nayi Soch

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#nayisoch I have my mom and daughters names on my hand”
While my girls are rejoicing the end of 1st term exams in school, they are oblivious to the fact that being born woman in itself is big exam, which they will have to appear for time and again, year on year to prove their acceptability and existence in the community.
Like today is the day for the so awaited ‘Pativrata Pariksha’ of the hindu women-‘The Karva Chauth’. I jumped into the bandwagon about 5 years ago when I saw about 50 women, adorned with ‘solah singaar’ from newly weds to old suhagan aunties, exchanging thalis in a huge circle, praying for the well being of their husbands. Our culture has always fascinated me and I have tried to follow many cultures and religions from tambrahm rituals, to observing jain paryushan to singing and reading sufi to attending church mass, to shabad gaan in gurdwaras. So Karva chauth was one more of these rituals I started. When I heard the katha my memories took me back to the ‘solah somvar’ fasts I used to observe as a teenager. The stories were very similar. I went back further in my memories and remembered the Kanjak systems in dasera.
Seems every community has conspired to find ways to twist mythology, to keep women below a ‘lakshman rekha(code of conduct)’, beyond which we are told the wreath of ‘Ravan(the ill fate of hardships)’ will be cast upon us, such as ‘agni pariksha(virginity test)’, ‘vanvas me prasav vedna(seclusion by society in pregnancy)’, ‘bhugarbh me sama jana (separated from family forever)’ and our beloved ‘Ram’ will be forced to watch you go and still remain ‘Maryada Purushottam’ for ages and ages.
I have all the love and affection for Ram and his body of work. I sing and teach all the ballads and folklore written on him. ‘Ram ka Naam’ has such strong vibrations that draws me to some high source of positive energy.
Then why is such suppression on women propagated. They were written by learned ‘Rishi Munis’ and rewritten in so many languages for its widespread impact . Women were worshipped as Durga Lakshmi Saraswati.
It’s time to reinterpret these stories. We have to pass on a strong ecosystem if culture and tradition to the younger generation. Religion should be inclusive evolving and empowering. Just like Kanjak is celebrating ‘Girl child’, Karva Chauth is celebrating of Womanhood, inding love, being in love – with a man, woman, child, nature and life.
With so many Single Mothers fighting a lonely battle in this man’s world, with so many Men ‘coming out of the closet’ and fighting a lonely battle of acceptance as a woman, so many Women who love Women, let’s not make it more difficult for them. Facebook has 71 gender status and over a dozen marital status type.
A STREE-A Woman has a womb, symbolic of creation, containment, nurturing and delivering a strong, healthy and robust lifeform that takes ahead a value system for ages to come.
“Apne Andar Ki Stree Ujagar Kar”
Ek Karva mai bhi hu layi
Ek katha mujhe bhi hai sunani
Sadiyon se jakdi bediyon ne Sanhaar kiya Rani bankar
Dasi bani tum iss jagat me
Kab tak moond rakhogi ankhe, iss yug me bhi Gandhari bankar
Is Chandrama ki sheet kiran se aaj bedi todkar
Tu Stree Ujagar Kar, Tu Stree Ujagar Kar
Samman ka sringaar kar, abhimaan ka sringar kar
Gyan ka sringar kar,
Jeevandaan ka sringar kar
Tu hi Durga Parvati, tu Shakti ka sringar kar,
Tu hi Meera Rukmini, tu Bhakti ka sringar kar
Vatsalya, Karuna, Prem, Mamta, Dharm ka sringar kar
Sukh Samridhi Shanti aur Vishwas ka sringar kar
Sringar ka sukh har stree ko hai
Chahe tum stree ho Janm se
ya Stree hui Jeevan se
Deh ki vipada ko taj, tu srijan ka sringar kar
Maun ki vedna ko taj, abhivyakti ka sringar kar
Har Stree Ka Sringar Kar
Tu Stree Ujagar Kar, Tu Stree Ujagar Kar
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My video Review of the film ‘ABCD 2’:

Waterlogged mumbai city had the highest rainfall recorded today. On hearing that the school is closed my oldest one suddenly screamed ‘First Day First Show’ (FDFS)!!!

For the past three months I had been hearing that she wanted to watch ABCD2 FDFS. But being the kind of mother I am she knew school cant be skipped so she has to wait till Sunday morning. But all thanks to Indra dev, her first ever screen idol Varun’s movie had 4 more viewers (Me and my 3 daughters) in this heavy downpour.

Car parked, tickets bought, popcorns and pepsis tucked in the arm rest,  movie begins with character sketches and then the dance competition which was the turning point for the Varun’s Dance grp and Remos storyline to travel to Vegas. Besides this there is no story. Everything else could have just not been there.

Part 1 vs 2… Havent seen the 1st part which most of them have rated better.

3d experience- The 3d effects of the  illuminati grp was truly beautiful but that was all. And yeah, one more, the entry sequence of Prabhudeva in the bar. We are still evolving in 3d effects. Not much to offer here.

Storyline… none

Dances…. too many

Performance…. Watch this movie for Dharmesh, Puneet, Raghav, Sushant, Lauren- few very amazing dancers. Movie without Shraddha would have been the same.

Varun is good but its a dance movie and with so many good dancers he looked mediocre. Acting is his forte, which he of course did well. But there wasnt much to act.


Remo wanted to put in every possible hip hop. But a loose storyline took away a lot.But for someone who eats drinks sleeps dance can just make a dance movie and not tell stories. We see so much in tv dance reality shows nowadays that the moves to didnt seem new. There were a lot of passionate dancers but again compared to international hip hop stars we are no where. We still have long way to go to have just dance or musical shows successfully running like in west, where the director wouln’t have needed say for example a Brad Pitt to promote  dance movie.

But doesnt look very far now. India has got talent. Remo we are definetly looking forward to ABCD3 with the best pf 1 and 2. Standing ovation for REMO for at least trying. After all It Just Takes a Step as he says.

rating storywise 1/5

Dancewise 3.5/5

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Maneckji Cooper 53rd Annual Function

2013-12-20 09.24.27

The curtains were drawn and Maneckji Cooper Education Trust celebrated its 53rd Annual Function at Rang Sharada auditorium with great aplomb. The two day extravaganza on 20th and 23rd had a lot of music and dance and drama to entertain the audience but the little musicians was what I could notice the most.

The curtain raiser was the school choir under the tutelage of Kokila Dutta singing a composition in Rag Yaman ‘Deva Lambodar Girija Nandana’ singing beautiful taan, aalap and tarana like a pro.

2013-12-23 14.23.00

2013-12-23 13.59.38

Next one that really amazed me was these tiny fingers strumming the les paul Epiphones n yamaha pacifica guitars n striking the drums, on songs like ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ and Summer of ’69. This youngest boy band I have ever seen had Maahir Siddiqui on base/rhythm guitar, Mizhaan Maniyar on rhythm guitar, Vishal Vichare on Vocals/ Rhythm guitar and Adip Ahuja on drums, all from 9th standard. I thought these dudes were pretty cool and so did the girls crooning with them. Just a little more polishing of their vocal skills and they sure are here to stay.

2013-12-23 12.57.42

Last but not the least was a small musical piece by Kabir Bhattacharya of 6th std. on Keyboard and Gaurav Sharma of 7th std on octapad. It was a treat to watch such small kids making music.

Maneckji Cooper definetly has a great talent pool. My girls Raajlakshmi Jain and Raajnandini Jain too being in the school choir makes me a proud mother. And of course watching my youngest one Raajshree Jain Rock-n-Roll in the school annual function for the first time too made me super happy.

2013-12-20 08.49.10

Being a musician myself ( I could not help but critically look at these small wonders I wrote about. Long way to go kids.

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Dhoom 3 movie review

From Boom to Dhoom Katrina has come a long way…yummy body, great moves…couldnt take my eyes off her…wish she could do sumthing about her acting too…she was merely an attractive prop
Amir….OMG…this guy certainly is tooooo gud…at this age what fitness…m so motivated…..n shhhhh he has a secret here…better watch it to know it….
Take ur kids along…an excellent christmas treat for the whole family

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V Uprising

2013-04-06 20.34.46

    2013-04-06 20.38.55 2013-04-06 20.43.41 2013-04-06 20.45.16





Out comes the womanhood with a BANG and hits you harder than you can ever imagine. Shakes you, wakes you, jostles you, throws you up in the air and drops you, swirls you, twirls you, pushes you and pulls you, tickles you, slaps you, cuddles you, bruises you, heals you, disgusts you, soothes you, holds you, caresses you. Makes you love and respect the woman you are and the woman you know of.

V monologue is not about understanding the anatomy of woman or the injustice against women or about the male dominance in the society. V Monologue is to tell every woman to just be the woman you want to be. It is so important to know themselves before women talk of women’s liberation, sex education, gender equality and other such women oriented issues.

V Monologues is V Uprising, V conquering, V forging ahead for the forbidden pleasures. Mammas watch it and let your daughters be. Women watch it and explore what you have missed all this while. Men watch it and fall in love with woman in all her forms the mother, the sister, the daughter, the girl next door, the wife, the predator, the prey. Every woman is beautiful and respectable.

Just back after their 10th year stint at Prithvi Theatres, Juhu, Mumbai. Excellent performances by all but something that left lasting impression was Jayati Bhatias ‘Types of orgasmic sounds’, Mahabano Kotwals Parsi woman who has Kishore Kumar singing to her in her dreams and arousing her, Sonali Sachdeva’s Maharashtrian woman whose boyfriend loved to ‘look at her’ and Dolly Thakore’s women abused in war.

Celebrate womanhood with Vagina Monologue. (psst…Finally I did say the ‘V’ word with aplomb).

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Barfi- Movie Review

I didn’t remember that the movie was releasing and was just flipping through the paper when my 4 yr old saw thead of Barfi in the newspaper and asked, “mom who are these girls with Ranbir Kapoor.?” I said “Ileana and Priyanka. She asked again “Both are his girlfriends? I looked at her and said “yes but do you know waht a girlfriend is?” For which she said “Someone you love but can u have two two girlfriends” She knew too much too soon. I couldn’t answer that but decided to watch Barfi. I did update FB briefly on how it was overall but here is a little more detail to the show I saw last night.

The movie by Anurag Basu is about a deaf and dumb, sweet and simple, naughty and mischievous, small town boy who falls in love with a rich girl Shruti (Illeana) who in turn chooses money over love and gets married to someone else. But by the time she realises it was a mistake he has moved on with his childhood autistic friend Jhilmil (Priyanka).

The plot is quite predictable. A soft love story with a lot of Raaj Kapoor, Charlie Chaplin type old time comedy, set in 1950s, in and around beautiful tea gardens, curving roads, sloping hills, wooden houses, trams of Darjeeling. Flashback in Falshback, Flashback in Flashback well that kind of almost took us off track sometimes but was simply and cleanly narrated so was easy to pick up the pieces and link it back again.

First thing everyone asked was ‘What is barfi?’. Yeah yeah, you guessed right that it is Ranbir Kapoor’s name but not the one his mom named. She named him ‘Murphy’.(Even I was called the Murphy Baby as a kid). It was the name he was fondly known as in his area. I loved the way he would say his name ‘Arfi’.

Ileana reminded me a lot of Aishwarya Rai at many places. She definitely is a promising actress. But as far as Bollywood goes, she will have to show the Masala side of her too to get into the big league. But definitely better than the latest launches like Diana Penty, Nargis Fakhri, Amy Jackson,Giselle Monteiro etc. etc.

Now coming to Priyanka Chopra. She does an excellent job as an autistic girl, but since the movie was about Barfi Kapoor…I mean Ranbir Kapoor. Barfi almost touched Radhika and Prathap starrer 1985 National Award winning Tamil Movie ‘Meendum Oru Kaathal Kathai’ based on a love story of two autistics and Kamal Hasan and Sridevi Starrer ‘Moondram Pirai’ in Tamil and ‘Sadma’ in Hindi. Priyanka did not have the same performance space as a Sridevi in ‘Sadma’ (‘Moondram Pirai’ in Tamil) or Radhika in ‘Meendum Oru Kaathal Kathai’.

My Observation

It is a tale of finding love, falling in love, falling out of love and falling in love again and falling out of love again and still being in love all through. It is a story of human emotions that are strong but subtly expressed.

Worth watching numerous times. I cried, I laughed, I cried some more but I laughed at the end. Everybody did. Dont miss it. A very good movie after a very long time. Two things that went against it are – poor old-age makeup and not a single catchy number. The songs were good as a pleasant backdrop songs but none of them that I really remember after coming out of that hall. But superb performances from younger lot of our B-Town (after Manoj Bajpai and Nawazuddin in Wasseypur).

Don’t Miss the Fatafati-exclusively for youtube song and Picture Shuru song-Played during the credits initially.

My Rating ****1/2 out of 5


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Gangs of Wasseypur 2- Movie Review

What happens when one tries to make a sequel to an excellent subject? I would not call it a movie as GOW1 was more about story telling than movie making. Well the result is that either the team fails or fails badly. Luckily Gangs of Wasseypur 2  (GOW2) met with neither of the two fates. While it is natural that we draw parallels between the GOW1 and GOW2 but they both are two different feels. GOW2 is more of cinematic excellence than a story told well.

My Observations:

While the story of GOW 2 takes on exactly from where they left in GOW 1, the only things that remained ageless between the two revenge sagas were the racy language, the rampant killing, and ‘Sonu Band’ — Enne to kamaal kar ditta. Just can’t forget the song ‘Yaad Teri Aayegi’ especially his counting the beats on his fingers between the stanzas.

GOW1 built on the characters so I was expecting a lot more on them evolving from small time ‘galli ke gunde’ to ‘mafias’ but GOW 2 gave us more characters and the ones central to GOW1, just stood aside. Unfortunately the new ones were too many to digest and were nipped at the bud before they could blossom like the stuttering ‘palpendiculal’, his friend tangent (who almost had no substantial role) and definite…yeah…this one was definitely good. Good not exactly in terms of his acting skills but good for the amount of time dedicated to his character. This guy Zeishan Quadri also happens to be co-writer of the script.

Too much of ‘cheecha ledar’ in this movie though. It had to be because it is a very dark movie. While Faizal took over the legacy of his father Sardar Khan but somehow Nawazuddin could not carry the acting prowess of Manoj Bajpai…bade hi ‘patle’ reh gaye is mamle me.But undoubtedly he was the soul of the movie. May be some more of his skills other than his straight-face-hoarse-voice should have been explored.

Piyush Misra’s background narration of course caught everyone’s attention just the way Huma Khan’s beauty did. Richa Chaddha’s sadness was very realistic when she was singing at the sangeet.

Overall the movie is a good watch for all but more from the movie maker’s angle rather than the movie-goer’s perspective. Too heavy towards the end but quite predictable.

I managed to doze off for a while….less than a minute though…

My Rating – ****1/2 out of 5


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