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The curious case of Jayaa Jain

Yesterday both me and my hubby were in our own respective  nostalgia zones. While I was humming an old bengali Rabindra Sangeet ”Darun Agni bane re‘ on which I performed as a 6yr old, he was viewing some of his favorite Marathi numbers on youtube- from the dual meaning Jayashree Gadkar lavani songs to Smita Patil’s Mi Raat Takli  to Lata and Hemant Kumar’s famous koli song Mi Dolkara Dolakara. ‘Hey, this one! hold on now.’ I thought to myself and quickly turned around and lifted the lid of one of the box beds and took out one of my childhood albums, in a super tarnished state but still preserving the old memories. My fingers carefully moved the pages till they reached ‘the photo‘. I took it to Prashant and pointed at the one in purple polka dotted nauvari saree. ‘This is just after I danced on Mi Dolkara in school, in 1984/85 and went to a family friend Mr. Vaijapurkar’s residence and Mohan Bhaiya cliked it’, I declared with pomp. Prashant said ‘WOW! you look the same even now.’ I was like “Reeeeeely?” After 10 years of marriage it is mostly ‘lessly’ that you get to hear some compliments. I kept turning the pages to see all other pictures there. Some with my dad, some at a wedding, from 6 months to 16 years there on, and Bingo!

It suddenly hit me that I have actually looked the same. Since childhood I had the same face. The same nose, the same chin, the same eyes. I had just grown in height and weight but, the face! I had this current face, attached to my body, since I was a kid. I took a second look at this face in the mirror and tried to sift through the album once again. I couldn’t help but notice the timestamps of my hair, eyes, nose, smile, teeth, face, skin, nails, height, weight and my vital statistics over the years. The overall observation was:

  1. My skin started tanning after 17 (regular travel in the sun for college).
  2. It also lost the shine after 22 due to erratic eating patterns and almost no care (ate hostel food and ‘self cooked‘ food).
  3. My smile lines started appearing sometime after I turned 25 (gravitational pull and of course lack of any regular beauty therapy).
  4. My eyes started popping out of their sockets after 27 (ogling at….computer screen….what else did you think, you perverts!)
  5. My hair started falling due to almost no scheduled oiling after 33 and at the same time my nails too became very brittle – all things dead finally started to die I guess (hair and nails are technically the dead cells).
  6. My overall body fat percentage increased due to my production cycles. (Had 3 babies in 6 years that played havoc with my lower abs.)

I am now urged to share my beauty regime with all under the category ‘Ask Beauty’ and I need tons and tons of inputs from all my friends and networks to share their tips on their favorite home remedies / brands.

It’s not reverse aging that I am attempting but now it is my race to preserve the ageless inner peace that can possibly add some sparkling dust over my wilting and withering exterior.


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Movie Review-Kung Fu Panda 2

How could someone even think of giving such negative shades to such a beautiful looking bird-A peacock as the antagonist. But Shen was no match to Tai Lung who looked vicious. But the peacock shows some really cool moves, especially the way he tucks his one hand into the other while the sleeves fall over them slowly. Even the way his tail moves when he is fighting his arch enemies is quite commendable.

This movie is Jack Black all the way. There is so much to narrate in part 2. There is Shen the peacock, his mom and dad, his forecast of being killed by something black and white, he killing the Pandas and then leaving his home, his parents dying, he taking up task of making a deadly weapon, Po trying to attain inner peace, he then in search of his origin, in argument with the Tigress, fighting the wolves, getting into Shen’s den, finding inner peace, fighting back Shen, two new characters the croc and the ox(I still don’t see why),phew! Others hardly have any significant role to play except for the tigress. I don’t remember seeing the monkey at all except for once when he caws. But PO is definetly funnier and focussed than before. Though the 3D was a bit distracting but the landscapes are beautiful.

Now I am out in search of my inner peace. You go and watch it for sure.

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