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Lady Emran – 3.5 cheers !!!

(this post took off from some parts posted by me on my FB on 26th jul)

Ever wondered who is the lady Emran Hashmi of Bollywood? Kareena Kapoor…. She has kissed all leading heros from ‘Jab We Met’ onwards….Soha and Prachi refused to kiss Emran – who would refuse Bebo for a lip-lock.

Just saw 3-Idiots when this thought came to my mind. The movie was good but I thought the book was better. The whole idea of giving all the best things about the 3 friends from the book into one guy ‘Ranchod Das’ in the movie was not justice done to the author who otherwise too got a ‘blink and miss’ credit for the movie. Amir is both macho and intelligent unlike the main protagonist in the book who is heavy and the character parallel to Madhavan’s is macho and happening in the college campus. The whole idea of reducing Madhavan to a side actor was not so good, He is a superb actor and would have carried off the actual character so well. Though I am still wondering why Madhavan has raised his price, as reported by some page 3 reporters, after this movie – he was shown in such poor light.

In fact the book 5 point someone reminds me of my chilhood life spent in the campus. The description of the Institute building, passage leading to the terrace/hideout, the top floor from where the poor boy jumps off were all so graphical and close to reality, though Chetan’s description was of IIT Delhi campus whereas I spent my early days in IIT Kanpur.

IIT Kanpur Faculty Building


But my all time favorite kapoor kiss is the one in Raja-Hindustani. A typical Bollywood masala movie where the ameer ladki meets the garib cab driver, the bollywood signature rain song with a white dress, one single tree in the whole location, and of-course the then-so-hot-and-happening Karishma Kapoor’s first on screen kiss with the then-so-popular-chocolate-boy Amir Khan. To top it up, we were in college so were all so gung-ho about the movie.

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