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Raees Movie Review

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26th morning 2017
What a way to start … Raees, Kaabil and xXx
Someone recently asked me what is the biggest sacrifice as parent I have made and my answer is missing a #Shahrukh movie #firstdayfirstshow‘ because it’s always a schoolday and the kids too want to watch it so we wait for the nearest holiday. So this time it was 26th January, our 68th Republic day this year.
In the days of inspiring biopics like #ChakDeIndia (Negi ), #BhagMilkhaBhag, #MaryKom, #Airlift (Mathunny Mathews), #MSDhoni, #Sully, here we have Raees, the biopic on an Inglorious Liquor Mafia Don (while the disclaimers say its fiction)
Raees is a very tightly packed storyline, with shahrukh’s sharp dialogues, quick witted calculating kohl eyes and crisp storytelling.
While #shahrukh does promotions with full shiddat for his movies but he never talks of his physical transformation so much as other actors be it his intro sequence in #HappyNewYear as Charlie, or his derriere in #OmShantiOm body, or the very plain Gaurav in Fan, or the Blood-Matam-Moharram-intro sequence in this movie. I won’t know how much of it is CGI but it’s very well done.
I was especially impressed by the casting (minus Mahira) where all other actors/artists too did a very good job. #Nawazuddin is very sleek as a police inspector but mostly his role was of a bechara police officer who kept planning but losing his war against the mafia don. Even at the end when he gets his kill the don is made to look bigger than him. But that’s Indian cinema. Reminded me of #ManojBajpai in #Special26. #AtulKulkarni is very convincing as the as Jairaj seth but may be the negative shades of his character could have been accentuated with some strong memorable background score. But the movie is about Shahrukh aka Raees so no one is superior to him. #NarendraJha as Musa is also very subtle and impressive actor. I am not sure if Mahira had very little to offer as an actor or was her role cut so short to being so insignificant. In fact Shahrukh’s mother played by #SheebaChaddha had very small but very impactful role.
Story is gripping in the first half, but suddenly loses plot towards the end and again picks up. Mumbai Blast involvement somewhere brings in horrific memories but they are not trying to gain any sympathy for the character. It’s just a movie. The dialogue that stays is with me is “Ammi Jaan kehti hai Koi Dhandha Chota nahi hota aur Dhande se bada koi Dharm Nahi Hota”
Songs like Zalima, Udi Udi Jaye and Laila main Laila are already chart toppers but my personal favorite is “Sanson Ke” by KK.
I never reveal stories in my reviews aur aap abhi tak review padh rahe ho. Jao movie dekho bhai.
Must Watch. Even for Shahrukh Haters, because he is not playing Shahrukh.
Technical Rating – 4.5*
Fan Rating:- LeLoJitneStarsChahiye
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Naad Global Music

I started this idea called ‘Naad’ for connecting more and more people and breaking cultural and social barriers through music. There are 5 ways in which our brand Naad consolidates on these ideas
Naad in education – Naad Arambh, Naad Alankaar
Naad in Indian Classical – Naad Sadhna
Naad in World Music – Naad Bhed
Naad in Workshop and Discourses – Naad Samvaad
For past few years I have been taking up personal goals to grow. Initially it was outside my work. I was into softwares, telecom product training and social media so started looking at music as a subject of growth.
First I picked up the tabla as it was easier as a classical singer to understand, then the guitar because it looked so cool and added a new dimension to a solo performance. Then it was the Recorder flute, the xylophone, the drums and the violin. Besides my growth, it was also keeping my girls connected to music in various forms.
But now music being my full time profession for few years, I am making my 2017 bucket list. Travelling and picking up a language tops the list. Being a people’s person, I also will connect to more people. So I will be curating more workshops, shows, seminars and gigs. Indian music lacks technology integration and innovation. I being a techie and educationist too, have been working on integrating 21st century education to Indian Music. This too would be one of the top body work of my musical journey this 2K17
My personal goals of travels and learning languages would also be connected to my journey into ‘Naad’ and reaching out to more people through music and technology.
Naad is a brand promise and we are working on spreading not just education of highest order but also performances, interactions and discourses of highest quality. We will be connecting more with the veterans and inviting them over for moderated and open discussions on music, technology and other pertinent topics to keep the music alive and going in its purest form.
I have enjoyed every bit of my journey connecting with you all and I am looking forward to your suggestions and participation. 2K17… MORE MUSIC YOUR WAY
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Rock U – naad Global Music at BeHappy – Review

In the daily hustle-bustle, Connecting Community is a huge task. Especially when the community is that of aware, conscious, educated, successful, adventurous, observant, fun loving, high-on-adrenaline citizens of one of mumbai’s suburbs – Andheri Lokhandwala
Arts and Entertainment has always been central to all social gatherings and a common thread that binds individuals but its proven fact that music helps you attain the highest level of conscience. Hence in a gathering if you are connected to ‘your music’ , you are connected to every soul on the floor with you.
Music is also very individualistic. For some it may be a groove that u play on the drum set, for some it may be a mata rani jagaran song, for some it may be a meditative sound of a drone (tanpura) or a Beethoven’s sonata or a #honeysingh rap or a #KLSaigal s ‘chah barbad karegi hame’ or #Mohdrafi s yahoo or #coldplay s viva la vida.
When I first saw a post on #BeHappy on Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizens Association #loca ‘s page, I instantly could see myself as one of the contributors rather than being a mere participant. It just took me a line of text in #loca s fb page to jump in. Karan Jotwani of Team #Behappy instantly gave me concept brief and connected me to Vivek Golani and Dhaval Shah who helped me out with participation options. So now we had a Workshop Counter for music enthusiasts and a Stage Time for students.
While I joined in by doing what I know the best- MUSIC, my connection was not at the surface level. I connected with their philosophy. The philosophy of bringing joy to all. Ever since I made Music as my mainstream profession, I have been clear about My Mission -Connect to the Music of your Soul, every individual connected to music in some or the other form.
I sifted through my contacts and managed to speak to Raunaq Bhargava of one of India’s largest music stores #MusiciansMall. He instantly agreed to arrange for best of the equipment at the venue for a wonderful user-experience.
Our day started a night before, planning minutest details of placement, and ease of use of musical equipment. We left for set up at 5.30 in the morning and were ready to rock in a jiffy. One after the other, children, parents, grandparents, young and old, some aware some naive of musical instruments, everyone who came to the fun event #behappy , started visiting us. Many went back home and got family members and friends to explore the Indian and western instruments. We had the longest queue of visitors who wanted to try everything around. Parents wanting their kids to try the drums while the kids wanting to do the tanpura, children encouraging parents to try out guitars, moms singing mantras to their kids on harmonium, dads trying to act cool by playing drum set, mom and daughter jamming over songs, all these were the very small but significant realisations of my larger vision of “music to all” through Naad Alankaar Global Music School.
Our young learners also enjoyed jamming on the stage with few rock numbers from Rock-On, Cranberries, MJ, ABBA, Queen.
We had a great experience spreading joy of music and will be coming back again on 18th Dec. with more fun more instruments more workshops to offer.
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Two to Tango

CAN U BE IN LOVE WITH 2 THINGS, WITH THE SAME INTENSITY??? I have been asking myself this for sometime now. I am not just talking about people here. I am also talking about the choices, the vices, the passion, the dream, the aspirations, the values, the systems. And above all I am talking about myself being in love with two.

I can and I am in love with two (just realized though) all the time, in all walks of life. Here’s the HOW of it.

There is this child in me -young, vibrant, confused, erring, laughing- that easily connects to every child around at their level and, at the same time, there is this focused and disciplined self, reaching out for the like minded, head above the shoulders, intelligent, intellectual, aware, learned individuals.  My connect with such crowd could be possible because of my voracious appetite to learn and learn and learn more. And who could be a better teacher than a child who always teaches you to forget and the ‘grey in experience’ who teaches you to forgive.There is one drawback here though – I hardly have friends in my age group. Probably because I feel I am neither giving nor receiving anything. I can’t stay stagnant.

There’s a lonely, quiet, secluded, carefully guarded, enigmatic self of mine that I would never want to show and then there is this outrageously extrovert other half – some call it ‘Bindaas’- which surprises me too many a times. May be because I fear none else but myself.

There is a cut throat, shrewd, opportunist business woman in me who also is diligent and dutiful homemaker. Now could be because of my totally down to earth and middle class upbringing coupled with the higher education I pursued.

Also there is this high aspiration, larger than life, designer lifestyle, beyond budget spender (all credits to my hubby Prashant for spoiling me rotten) living besides a philanthropist who strongly believe in ‘give what is right and not what is left‘ (I still need truck loads of gold biscuits to keep a lot and give away some).

I am tech junkie with an eye for strategy, and have just started strumming Guitar (credit my genes as my dad used to play and my teachers Soordas Powale who initiated the interest and Chandresh Kudwa who kept it going) while I sing along to unwind. Both of them give me the same high emotionally.

There is this fitness freak in me (current credits for keeping me so motivated goes to my trainer Umesh at Elixir)  which keeps me active and agile and also this La-Z-boy Recliner Lover, Anytime-PaniPuri Time believer who doesn’t mind munching any and everything at any hour in the day/night.

I also have this typical Harmonium with Guitar symphonies making rounds on my mind, a Prabha Atre Jamming with Roxette kinda feel in my heart all the time (probably thats why I love MTV coke studio so much).

I do have the grace of a Madhuri Dixit (who I think dances more with her eyes and smile, of course her body too is so supple), the cheap jahtka matkas of a Munni, the dirty dancing Swayze moves and the Akshay Kumar’s trademark footwork. I have not dabbled with Ballroom dance yet but I know I will be damn good at it. And what more could have I asked for. I found Tai – grace personified Smt.Nutan Patwardhan of Avartan School of Kathak. She has held my hand like that of a baby’s and is the guiding force behind this graceful dance-form. Strict disciplinarian she is and lays great emphasis on the sophistication of the form in in every way be it nazar or nazakat or kalaai or bhaav. She herself is extremely hardworking and energetic and makes me look forward to meeting her almost everyday.

While there is a fanatic Hindu/Tambram/Indian in me, at the same time I have a liberal open-to-all-cultures/languages/traditions/customs attitude too. That maybe because I am a Tambram, born in UP, married to a Paranjape/Jain hybrid, settled in Mumbai – a city which welcomes and breeds people from so many regions with open arms.In fact I keep my Navarathri golu perfectly Tambram style and also dance away to glory at Mata ki Chowki at friends’ place.

While thinking about it more deeply and trying to justify the ‘WHY‘ of my ‘two‘ loves, I guess each of them has created a certain void, which the other one fulfills to the core. I don’t think I can do without either of them. They are both the life and blood in me. One grounds me and the other releases me, one holds me closer in fear and the other thrills me down the hill with a Bungee fall, one keeps me warm with cuddles and hugs and  the other that drenches and quenches my thirst with cold showers, one has never bound me and one that has never left me. There are these starkly opposite selves of mine which have luckily found its loves and fulfillment. And I am totally, madly, deeply in love with them because it is more of spiritual connect than anything else.

Sorry for letting u all down here folks – I have just one Gharwala and I bet you all thought I will be talking of the ‘Baharwala’.

PS: Special mention of my Brother In Law Badrinath of Apple Tree for clicking this amazing picture specially for my post..Thank u so very much….


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