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Karvachauth – Stree Ujagar Kar – Nayi Soch

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#nayisoch I have my mom and daughters names on my hand”
While my girls are rejoicing the end of 1st term exams in school, they are oblivious to the fact that being born woman in itself is big exam, which they will have to appear for time and again, year on year to prove their acceptability and existence in the community.
Like today is the day for the so awaited ‘Pativrata Pariksha’ of the hindu women-‘The Karva Chauth’. I jumped into the bandwagon about 5 years ago when I saw about 50 women, adorned with ‘solah singaar’ from newly weds to old suhagan aunties, exchanging thalis in a huge circle, praying for the well being of their husbands. Our culture has always fascinated me and I have tried to follow many cultures and religions from tambrahm rituals, to observing jain paryushan to singing and reading sufi to attending church mass, to shabad gaan in gurdwaras. So Karva chauth was one more of these rituals I started. When I heard the katha my memories took me back to the ‘solah somvar’ fasts I used to observe as a teenager. The stories were very similar. I went back further in my memories and remembered the Kanjak systems in dasera.
Seems every community has conspired to find ways to twist mythology, to keep women below a ‘lakshman rekha(code of conduct)’, beyond which we are told the wreath of ‘Ravan(the ill fate of hardships)’ will be cast upon us, such as ‘agni pariksha(virginity test)’, ‘vanvas me prasav vedna(seclusion by society in pregnancy)’, ‘bhugarbh me sama jana (separated from family forever)’ and our beloved ‘Ram’ will be forced to watch you go and still remain ‘Maryada Purushottam’ for ages and ages.
I have all the love and affection for Ram and his body of work. I sing and teach all the ballads and folklore written on him. ‘Ram ka Naam’ has such strong vibrations that draws me to some high source of positive energy.
Then why is such suppression on women propagated. They were written by learned ‘Rishi Munis’ and rewritten in so many languages for its widespread impact . Women were worshipped as Durga Lakshmi Saraswati.
It’s time to reinterpret these stories. We have to pass on a strong ecosystem if culture and tradition to the younger generation. Religion should be inclusive evolving and empowering. Just like Kanjak is celebrating ‘Girl child’, Karva Chauth is celebrating of Womanhood, inding love, being in love – with a man, woman, child, nature and life.
With so many Single Mothers fighting a lonely battle in this man’s world, with so many Men ‘coming out of the closet’ and fighting a lonely battle of acceptance as a woman, so many Women who love Women, let’s not make it more difficult for them. Facebook has 71 gender status and over a dozen marital status type.
A STREE-A Woman has a womb, symbolic of creation, containment, nurturing and delivering a strong, healthy and robust lifeform that takes ahead a value system for ages to come.
“Apne Andar Ki Stree Ujagar Kar”
Ek Karva mai bhi hu layi
Ek katha mujhe bhi hai sunani
Sadiyon se jakdi bediyon ne Sanhaar kiya Rani bankar
Dasi bani tum iss jagat me
Kab tak moond rakhogi ankhe, iss yug me bhi Gandhari bankar
Is Chandrama ki sheet kiran se aaj bedi todkar
Tu Stree Ujagar Kar, Tu Stree Ujagar Kar
Samman ka sringaar kar, abhimaan ka sringar kar
Gyan ka sringar kar,
Jeevandaan ka sringar kar
Tu hi Durga Parvati, tu Shakti ka sringar kar,
Tu hi Meera Rukmini, tu Bhakti ka sringar kar
Vatsalya, Karuna, Prem, Mamta, Dharm ka sringar kar
Sukh Samridhi Shanti aur Vishwas ka sringar kar
Sringar ka sukh har stree ko hai
Chahe tum stree ho Janm se
ya Stree hui Jeevan se
Deh ki vipada ko taj, tu srijan ka sringar kar
Maun ki vedna ko taj, abhivyakti ka sringar kar
Har Stree Ka Sringar Kar
Tu Stree Ujagar Kar, Tu Stree Ujagar Kar
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Whisper a Lullaby


Am missing a friend in my life

Will you be the one

And tell me right from wrong

Am too weak fighting alone

Will you stay close and make me strong

Not able to see where I went wrong

Show me a way out

Don’t want anything more

No love, neither touch

Would you Whisper a lullaby

and put me off to sleep


Am so tired of being the shoulder

Don’t want much, just a small corner

The space which will be my world

Please don’t share it with someone else

Need a friend, have a secret to share

Have cried so much that no tear is left

My eyes are swollen and vision so blurred

Will u be there in this moment of ugliness

Want to sleep

Would you whisper a lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


I don’t want to know what I was

Tell me what I could not be

From dusk to dawn I stared at the same point

Flashes from the past

Tried rubbing it sometimes

Even tried pulling myself out

But nothing changed the end

the eyes won’t close

They want to see me fall again and again

The voices are making fun of me

Even the deafening music can’t hush the laughs

Want to curl up like a baby and sleep forever

Have to dream a sweet dream Sweets

Will you be there and Whisper a Lullaby

You don’t have to touch, Just be there


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I am out of this hallucination

It’s time for me to move on, let me be

If I want to fall back upon someone,

it won’t be anyone anymore

Because I know for sure

I am out of this hallucination

I know u won’t need me, U never did

Why would you, you had so many,

when you touched, it ruffled me

I am so disheveled, can’t go this way

Got to gather myself

But I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

How could I not see, I never did

You were the same to all, nice and gentle,

but I did fall

The perils of which I have to bear alone

I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

In this roomful of noise, my whispers will go unheard

I might say whatever I said

But deep down inside I know I wait

To be needed, for once in my lifetime

But it won’t let me, the pain, it won’t let me

It’s too much

Sweets I know for sure

I failed again

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

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MUSIC 24X7X365

I have been singing for past over 30 yrs, c’mon now don’t start calculating my age. But this is not about my love for singing. After my MBA, I spent quite some time fiddling with the different options for employability, hopping, skipping and jumping from one career to the other – financial analyst to forex training to software development to ecommerce consultancy, (just like our ancestors who performed their acts from tree to tree). Then I met my dear husband and jumped from one city to another-Kanpur to Delhi to Mumbai where I again took a jump into the Telecom sector (the ancestral trait seemed to be quite hard stamped on me). I was almost settling to the sector when I took the most crucial leap of my life, which gave me a new lease of life…..I conceived my first child. I will blog later on my maternal experiences even though my ancestral instincts are compelling me to jump ‘out of this topic’ again.

My maternity off lasted for a month. In the field I was (IT/Telecom), just a day of absence would strip you of all your market worth by years and I was talking of 30 days.I know, I know, its not that bad but I am just building up reasons for my next jump. I took up HR consultancy activity. Convenient, based from home, telecalling and fixing appointments, once in a week BD activity, and some amount of internet marketing was all that I was handling for the next nine months. The best part was I had the pleasure to watch my baby grow in front of me without missing on ‘those moments’ which most working mothers miss out upon. The not so good part was I was earning lower than what I earned as my first pay. I got some good opportunities post that- in an educational institution followed by some consultancy offers based from home for a retail management institute, for a blog site and am a known name in my field but my pay packets are much below my market worth(this is what every single working individual feels).

But now after all these years, I am happy and content. Content that while I was making babies- 3 of them now, I could be with them and see them grow, contribute to their value systems(as if full time working mothers contribute nothing), teach them, train them to be better individuals, and blah, blah, blah.

But that crucial leap is always reminded to me by people around me at almost every occasion,’Bright and intelligent woman, bright future, pregnancy at the peak of your career, and ‘3 kids'(scream when u read this, and repeat till you believe it). You made a huge mistake.You would have gone places by now.’ resulting in ‘MyUnSungInnerCord- MUSIC24X7X365, that resonates exactly what people say to me.

Me: I have a PTA meeting at the school .
MUSIC: Had you been working, you would have had to take an off from work. ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: Today I made gajar ka halwa
MUSIC: Thats nice. Did you add almonds to it? It tastes great with them. Almonds help in making you active and bright…bright ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: My maid did not come today so I had to do all the chores.
MUSIC: That is such a thankless job.’Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: We did a show in our society with my students.
MUSIC: Oh that’s so nice. But what would these classes fetch you. Had u continued with the job that time u would be earning so well by now. ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: Cheekoo stood first in her class
MUSIC: Women are born jugglers. You could have given the same attention to them even while working.’Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: I have put on so much weight
MUSIC: What else would one do sitting at home. i don’t understand this ‘work from home’ thing. ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: I have a blog to finish.
MUSIC: Is that some job? How much money do you get per blog post? ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: I have been invited for a felicitation ceremony.
MUSIC: Do they pay you too? It must be a meagre amount I am sure. ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Me: I met an old friend who is a lecturer in the same college where I studied
MUSIC:jump straight to the point here ‘Bright and intelligent woman….’

Many a times when I leap to fly,
I fall to the ground.
But it’s not the number of times I fell,
that counts.
It’s the number of times I fluttered hard,
to soar high without making much sound.
The day ‘MyUnSungInnerCord’ resonates with ‘Me’ (and not what other opine about me),
There will be real MUSIC around,
And my heart will jump leaps and bounds.

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