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All the men in my life


“Men men men men, manly men, oo hoo hoo, hoo hoo, oo”  Well they are nowhere close to the 2 men Charlie and Alan Harper or to the half man Jake for that matter but have been the most important part of my growing up years(which I still am). This is about all the men in my life.

Act 2- Scene one
“Just won this trophy for the best swimmer. All thanks to you. ”

“Oh that scooter is just a toy for me. I don’t know why they say its the heaviest model. They didn’t train from you.”

“Really? You were a jockey and did equestrians? When do I get my riding lessons.”

“Singing movie songs is not as bad as you think. Why don’t you like that?”

The first man in my life since even before I was born- My Dad. A strict Disciplinarian, Sporty, Adventurous, Skillful, sometimes finicky and loves to talk. Has valued quality over quantity, that’s why he always gave us the best even if it was way beyond his capacity. I have this knack of mending electrical stuffs and other household errands and mom thinks its his genes. I even have his ‘temperamental’ temperament. It’s a funny thing but when I look in the mirror, I feel my left cheekbone is like his and also to some extent his ‘I care a damn, I will do what I want to do’ attitude. When I was young, I was like this free spirited, demanding, difficult, authoritative, untamed, wild Mustang and tested his equine skills time and again. (I am lucky to have really easy kids and thank my stars for that.) Happy Father’s Day Dad.

Act 2- Scene two

This is not the first time I am writing about him and neither the last.

He is the lead character of the Scene 2 of my story. If he is not watching TV, he is reading a book. His love includes all star war series, all survivor seasons, all friends episodes, all Indian reality TV, everything sci-fi, all of jeeves, all of suraj barjatya (we named our little one on his production house-can u beat that), all of …ALOOOOO. I thank my stars for the day I met him (and he too better return the favour). We are inseparable, rather I am like this twining vine spilling over the arbor of his moral and emotional support. I have experienced the adage that a woman is born thrice in her lifetime-one when she is  officially born, two when she meets her soulmate and three when she gives birth and I am grateful to god that he is a part of my life. Wish you too a Happy Father’s Day with your little angels.

Act 2- Scene three
The perfect example of seamless integration in my life-from being a brother to being the other dad (Ever since he came into adolescence suddenly it felt like I had two dads) to being a brother-in-law, from being a ma’s favorite to favorite mama, from a naughty little boy to a handsome hunk, he has comfortably  transitioned and remained an integral part of my life in both scene1 and scene 2. Just like the other two in the earlier ‘scenes’ he too is a boy soul in a man’s body. ‘


There are 2 things you must be wondering about.

One-Is that all? Just three ? Well, the answer is no.
These are the men who stuck by me in thick and thin and I know for a fact that even if not by virtue of my birth, or marriage, I would have still found them. They were created for me, meant for me, and would occupy one of the highest place in my life forever.
And…… I will be adding 3 more to the list…… once my girls find their soul mates. 🙂

Two-What happened to Scene 1 , Well that was about ‘All the women in my life‘. wink! wink!

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