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I am out of this hallucination

It’s time for me to move on, let me be

If I want to fall back upon someone,

it won’t be anyone anymore

Because I know for sure

I am out of this hallucination

I know u won’t need me, U never did

Why would you, you had so many,

when you touched, it ruffled me

I am so disheveled, can’t go this way

Got to gather myself

But I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

How could I not see, I never did

You were the same to all, nice and gentle,

but I did fall

The perils of which I have to bear alone

I know for sure

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

In this roomful of noise, my whispers will go unheard

I might say whatever I said

But deep down inside I know I wait

To be needed, for once in my lifetime

But it won’t let me, the pain, it won’t let me

It’s too much

Sweets I know for sure

I failed again

I won’t look for anyone anymore

I am out of this hallucination

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Puss in Boots Movie Review

Kids had this invite for friend Anjan’s daughter’s birthday party for the movie show “Puss in Boot”. I had seen all Shrek series at least over a dozen times and was super impressed by the animation, story, characters, voice overs, and the works so I got tempted. Also my Mady, bro was along and wanted to watch it so I had my free entry to the movie.

I will just come straight to the point here about my likes and dislikes. Will keep on tweaking this post as many times as I watch it over and over.

What I liked about the movie was Animation. The 3D version was simply superb. Things I couldn’t miss noticing and enjoying were:

  • The beanstalk growing into the sky.
  • Puss, Kitty and HumptyD ‘floating on the cloud’.
  • The salsa sequence of Puss and Kitty- oooh what moves.
  • The beanstalk slide.
  • The starving old man in the jail whose handcuffs are too big for his wrist.
  • The gold pooper chick.
  • The golden heart of Humpty-Dumpty (that we saw when he died).

What I am wondering about is “What was the story all about – Jack and Jill, Jack and the beans stalk, Kitty softpaws, Humpty Dumpty, Puss in Boots. I guess the movie lacks a proper storyline. They tried to recreate the ‘Shrek effect’ of having different fairy tales interwoven but lost on uniformity.

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