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Gangs of Wasseypur 2- Movie Review

What happens when one tries to make a sequel to an excellent subject? I would not call it a movie as GOW1 was more about story telling than movie making. Well the result is that either the team fails or fails badly. Luckily Gangs of Wasseypur 2  (GOW2) met with neither of the two fates. While it is natural that we draw parallels between the GOW1 and GOW2 but they both are two different feels. GOW2 is more of cinematic excellence than a story told well.

My Observations:

While the story of GOW 2 takes on exactly from where they left in GOW 1, the only things that remained ageless between the two revenge sagas were the racy language, the rampant killing, and ‘Sonu Band’ — Enne to kamaal kar ditta. Just can’t forget the song ‘Yaad Teri Aayegi’ especially his counting the beats on his fingers between the stanzas.

GOW1 built on the characters so I was expecting a lot more on them evolving from small time ‘galli ke gunde’ to ‘mafias’ but GOW 2 gave us more characters and the ones central to GOW1, just stood aside. Unfortunately the new ones were too many to digest and were nipped at the bud before they could blossom like the stuttering ‘palpendiculal’, his friend tangent (who almost had no substantial role) and definite…yeah…this one was definitely good. Good not exactly in terms of his acting skills but good for the amount of time dedicated to his character. This guy Zeishan Quadri also happens to be co-writer of the script.

Too much of ‘cheecha ledar’ in this movie though. It had to be because it is a very dark movie. While Faizal took over the legacy of his father Sardar Khan but somehow Nawazuddin could not carry the acting prowess of Manoj Bajpai…bade hi ‘patle’ reh gaye is mamle me.But undoubtedly he was the soul of the movie. May be some more of his skills other than his straight-face-hoarse-voice should have been explored.

Piyush Misra’s background narration of course caught everyone’s attention just the way Huma Khan’s beauty did. Richa Chaddha’s sadness was very realistic when she was singing at the sangeet.

Overall the movie is a good watch for all but more from the movie maker’s angle rather than the movie-goer’s perspective. Too heavy towards the end but quite predictable.

I managed to doze off for a while….less than a minute though…

My Rating – ****1/2 out of 5


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Fulor Storm – The Indian Garbage Music Boys to watch out for

From Left to Right:- Keyur Barve, Hari Bhusal, Sameer mahavir, Omkar Salunkhe

What do I call them, the garbage boyz, the recyclists, the ‘trash can men’ of course with lots of music fun and entertainment. These boys with great sense of beat, just rocked the evening with the audience craving for more.

Well the story goes like this. I took my kids out for a Sunday Evening outing to Infinity Mall Versova on the 5th of August which also happened to be the friendship day, and saw these plastic and tin trash cans and drums lined up on the stage with mike positioned with precision over them. Being a musically inclined soul myself I didn’t want to miss. I took my kids to the game zone and  them up in the maze. Half an hour said the attendant and I knew where I was rushing to immediately. I could hear the storm coming. There was a roar in the mall. I ran down the escalator expecting to see some bearded bespectacled long haired men in 40s in their denims and some long black kurtas…well that’s how most of the Indian man-bands look like. Finally when I landed there the first thing I saw was everyone in the crowd had their arms extended high up with camera phones firmly positioned between their palms. Nobody wanted to miss it. They also probably wanted to show it to family and friends. Such was the frenzy. I smiled when I saw these 20 something kids sitting on the stage going crazy with their sticks banging on these Plastic and Tin drums. Looked like a child’s play for them. Everybody was completely mesmerized and glued.

It was high energy, power packed, stunning, controlled, crisp performance that stormed the mall that evening.

What a STORNING ( Stunning+Storming ) performance….Way to go Boyz..


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